Five Stages of Grief
z. 2018-02-18 12:34
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12:40 PM – raven: hey z
12:40 PM – raven: can i have the plugin? the compiled version of the trick detector`?
2:16 PM – raven is now Online.
2:24 PM – z.: no
2:25 PM – raven: alright
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4:51 PM – pi: hey
4:51 PM – z.: hihi
4:51 PM – pi: just wanted to let you know if stuff is going down because of financial reasons I could help or cover
4:54 PM – z.: officially my reason is that keeping it up is enabling people to waste their lives on a dead broken game. those people (including me) should play new games or better yet go out in to the world. unofficially its because that shit is never going to reach the point where there were happy players in surf videos (trails, decals, admins, happy players). it just needs to die.
4:57 PM – z.: anyone who brings up the topic of surf i have rejected, deleted, or blocked because wasting even a second on that shit is never going to improve my life or fix my teeth. life needs success to be happy but surf is only sadness.
4:58 PM – pi: ah damn i mean i can’t say i don’t understand
4:58 PM – pi: if its ever poss to just let someone else pay and you not worry abouit it (if poss, not sure how much upkeep it takes to juist keep stuff as it is) just let me know
5:01 PM – pi is now playing Killing Floor 2. Click here to join.
5:03 PM – z.: the price isnt the prominent problem. even its running now i can feel people raging about the shitty ingame messages, cross chat spam, etc etc. those things will never get fixed. once in a while i get people sending me messages while im sleeping then i wake up to people complaining or talking about surf which just destroys my entire day. so many days i have left for work in tears. today is chinese new years. my boss asked me whats wrong and i was in tears trying to hold it in. surf is simply toxic and just needs to die. years of wasted life on it. i dont want to hurt anyone elses life by enabling that game play. just let it die so we can all forget it ever existed
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10:45 PM – dlght: What’s happening with the servers Z? you giving them to anyone else to host or just pure shutting them down?
11:13 PM – z.: pure shutting them down. technically its up to whoever pays for them but the tricks code will stop working.
11:13 PM – dlght: Fuck man sad to hear whats behind the decision?
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3:32 AM – Beetle179: 41 days until shutdown, i guess this is it
3:33 AM – Beetle179: i’ll just be straightforward here: we don’t want to see tricksurf die, and when zee’s goes down, it will die (for at least some time). however, we want to implement tricksurfing in Momentum-Mod, sometime in the future when the core functionality of it is worked out
3:34 AM – Beetle179: would you be willing to help us out at all? trick database, player database, code/pseudocode — anything to make the transition less painful would be really appreciated. appropriate credit would of course be given
3:34 AM – Beetle179: the Momentum version will be written from scratch regardless, but any code or DB info could still be really helpful
11:57 AM – z.: youre a nice guy so ill level with you. if you go back and look at the youtube videos where the servers are full of happy players with trails and effects going on. those days will never ever happen again. that level can never be achieved. even talking about surf for 1 second is a huge pain. surf cannot provide any happiness. cannot fix my teeth. cannot find a gf. cannot do anything except hurt lives of players. i cant allow enabling people to waste their lives. it needs to end. it needs to die. of course you can rationalize it saying [just keep it running] [let someone else take over] blah blah blah no it just needs to die. infact it should die before 40 days but i dont want to put any more effort than i must. even deleting the files is too much effort than i want to invest. needs to die. it has only hurt my entire life. what a fucking devastating crush to my life, everyones life
2:10 AM – Beetle179: i’m gonna be straightforward again. all this stuff you’re saying is not true and i strongly encourage you to seek out professional help. i’m not saying that to be mean, i’m saying it because i think it’s in your best interests because if you’re so sure something like surf is crushing your life, making you so unhappy, you need to find happiness and the only way anything will make you happy is if you get help. as for surf, with or without your help tricksurf is going to keep going — it’s a hobby for people, it’s not a waste of anyone’s life (as your illness is suggesting), it’s just something to do for fun. if you help us, you’re not enabling anything destructive — you’re helping people find happiness, like your server did for years and years. if you’re really not willing to help us out, i understand. but please help yourself out and find someone who can help you find happiness.
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8:10 AM – Frag: Hey Zee, I heard about your shutdowns and I hope you dont do it in the end. Everyone loves your plugin, your hard years of work into it and the name behind trick surf. Would it be possible, in case you realy shutdown, if someone could continue hosting your servers and run everything? Or help you with financing it. So many people are asking this, and they just dont want this to die.
8:17 AM – Frag: Or atleast keep the database up, we cant thank you more enough for your work and hope you wont give up. You bring everyone happyness about this, and you can be proud of this