Player: S1mple₁₃₃₇

Steamid: 76561198348344799
Country: Portugal
Seen First: 2017.08.02
Seen Last: 2017.11.06

Completion for surf_ski_2_go [csgo]

1dayumay +TrickPath1000
90210 +TrickPath450
A shortcut to Falador +TrickPath400
A shortcut to Varrock +TrickPath500
A trick SirGrown can do +TrickPath525
A trip to canifis pub +TrickPath550
A trip to Healbot +TrickPath550
A trip to Kevin Ramp +TrickPath950
Advanced Centrum +TrickPath500
Advanced Zolomon +TrickPath275
Alcatraz +TrickPath350
Anime Gap +TrickPath500
Anime Gap v2 +TrickPath600
Anime Return +TrickPath600
Annoying +TrickPath300
Annoying Mario +TrickPath600
Arthas +TrickPath175
assHOLE +TrickPath700
Aux' Trip to the Ocean +TrickPath500
Aux2Booster +TrickPath400
Aux2Elevator +TrickPath500
Avalanche +TrickPath950
Awesome +TrickPath500
Awp Bounce +TrickPath150
AWP Rise +TrickPath500
AWP Rise Hop +TrickPath750
Banana Gap +TrickPath400
Banana Return +TrickPath400
Banana Return v2 +TrickPath500
Banana Split +TrickPath700
Banana Strafe +TrickPath300
Banana Wrap +TrickPath50
Beginners Destiny +TrickPath80
Beyblade +TrickPath300
Bhop_SKI +TrickPathCompleted5
Bhop_SKI_v2 +TrickPath5
Big Gulps +TrickPath600
Blood & Bone +TrickPath750
Blood Money +TrickPath1285
Blue Partyhat +TrickPath650
Blue Partyhat Remix +TrickPath800
Boggy Rise +TrickPath1100
Bogroll Rise +TrickPath600
Bogroll Rise Remix +TrickPath950
Bogroll Wrap +TrickPath1150
Boneshock +TrickPath700
Bonus Bullseye +TrickPath900
Boost Maniac +TrickPath300
Brzenk +TrickPath150
Brzenk V2 +TrickPath225
Bullseye +TrickPath500
Bullseye from jail floor1150
Bumblebee Tuna +TrickPath250
CC's Hard T2-Spin +TrickPath600
CC's Paranoia +TrickPath550
CC's T2-Spin +TrickPath350
CC's T2-Spin from spawn +TrickPath500
Centrum +TrickPath200
Centrum Remix +TrickPath800
Chaos wrap +TrickPath300
Chaos wrap remix +TrickPath400
Circuit +TrickPath75
Circuit Pitstop +TrickPath200
Climb that mountain +TrickPath600
Cloud Return +TrickPath175
Cloud Wrap +TrickPath135
Cool +TrickPath600
Corner to Corner +TrickPath150
Cross Country +TrickPath400
CT Wrap +TrickPath150
Cthulhu +TrickPath600
Cyclone +TrickPath400
Cyplenkov +TrickPath600
Da strafes +TrickPath300
Da strafes v2 +TrickPath500
Danhee +TrickPath700
Danhee v2 +TrickPath1300
Dip & Dive +TrickPath300
Djibril +TrickPath500
Donkey Kong +TrickPath400
Donkey Return +TrickPath450
Donrear Parkour +TrickPath500
Double AWP Rise +TrickPath800
Double Banana Wrap +TrickPath250
Double Dip +TrickPath500
Double Hard Lupkes +TrickPath1225
Double Long Wrap +TrickPath150
Double Lupkes +TrickPath1175
Double Pharm Hop +TrickPath500
Double Pro Banana Wrap +TrickPath400
Double Snowman gap +TrickPath350
Double Zolomon +TrickPath350
Dragonfly Tuna +TrickPath325
Draynor Village +TrickPath700
Dream Killer +TrickPath1150
Drop and Rise +TrickPath350
Dropkick +TrickPath350
Easy Cyplenkov +TrickPath300
Easy Drop and Rise +TrickPath200
Easy Gun High +TrickPath150
Easy J-Strafe +TrickPath125
Easy Rasta Rise +TrickPath300
Easy snurbs revolution +TrickPath225
Easy Spawn Hop +TrickPath100
Easy T1 Hop +TrickPath150
Easy Wet Bread +TrickPath500
Elevator Parkour +TrickPath500
elf's Centrum +TrickPath625
Escape to AWP +TrickPath150
Escape to AWP v2 +TrickPath500
exu is triggered +TrickPath1200
exu Rise +TrickPath750
exu Walk +TrickPath800
exu's gay trick +TrickPath900
exu's gingivitis +TrickPath1200
eXy Rise +TrickPath800
eXy's Tornado +TrickPath900
eXydos +TrickPath350
Ez Pz +TrickPath100
Ezier Pz +TrickPath50
Facade +TrickPath350
Facade Spin +TrickPath500
Facade Step-Up +TrickPath500
Fancy +TrickPath150
Firestorm +TrickPath500
Fish Wrap +TrickPath200
Flight +TrickPath1000
Fluffs Return +TrickPath800
Forgot my P90 +TrickPath850
Fox Hound +TrickPath600
From Rochdale to Ocho Rios +TrickPath1100
Fuckade +TrickPath650
Funkeh +TrickPath900
Fuzzaroonie +TrickPath850
Genesis +TrickPath600
Get rampstrafin +TrickPath1000
God of Speed +TrickPath350
God of Speed Return +TrickPath500
Golden Glider +TrickPath50
Golden Partyhat +TrickPath1200
GordanC +TrickPath500
GordanC_h +TrickPath1000
Green light +TrickPath400
Green's Walk +TrickPath400
Grodd +TrickPath200
Groddlike +TrickPath400
Gun High +TrickPath500
Gun Return +TrickPath300
Gun Walk +TrickPath600
Gunpowder +TrickPath300
Guntower Wrap +TrickPath500
h4bkiller +TrickPath950
Hadouken! +TrickPath600
Halloween +TrickPath500
Hard CC's Paranoia +TrickPath1000
Hard CC's T2-Spin from spawn +TrickPath700
Hard Cyclone +TrickPath750
Hard Cyplenkov +TrickPath800
Hard Delf +TrickPath700
Hard exu Rise +TrickPath1150
Hard exu Walk1250
Hard Facade +TrickPath850
Hard Gun Return +TrickPath700
Hard Horse Shit Rise +TrickPath800
Hard Jail Escape +TrickPath500
Hard Jail Strafe +TrickPath400
Hard King's Banana Return +TrickPath1250
Hard Left Right +TrickPath900
Hard luckY's journey +TrickPath550
Hard Lupkes +TrickPath1025
Hard Main to Sign from Jail +TrickPath500
Hard Main to Sign from Jail v2 +TrickPath700
Hard Merastorm +TrickPath800
Hard Mug +TrickPath550
Hard Nifps' Walk +TrickPath750
Hard Rasta Rise +TrickPath550
Hard Reverse Jail Escape +TrickPath1050
Hard samurai +TrickPath800
Hard Simple Walk +TrickPath475
Hard Sneaky Spawn Roof +TrickPath500
Hard snurbs revolution +TrickPath600
Hard Spuds Rise1400
Hard Sunrise +TrickPath1200
Hard Super Noodles +TrickPath950
Hard trip to Healbot +TrickPath1100
Hard Triple Long Wrap +TrickPath900
Hard Vampire Diaries +TrickPath1000
Hard Wickstead +TrickPath600
Hard Wrath +TrickPath550
Hard Zyzz +TrickPath500
Hard Zyzz v2 +TrickPath700
Harder Lupkes +TrickPath1125
Hardest Left Right +TrickPath1000
Healbot Return +TrickPath400
High Banana Return +TrickPath1150
High Lupkes +TrickPath1075
Holy Horizon +TrickPath550
Hopscotch +TrickPath250
Horizon +TrickPath400
Horse Shit Rise +TrickPath300
Ice Blast +TrickPath400
Illuminati Confirmed +TrickPath300
Impossible Rise +TrickPath1300
Insane Facade +TrickPath1225
J-Strafe +TrickPath300
Jail Escape +TrickPath200
Jail Strafe +TrickPath75
Jail Strafe Return +TrickPath400
Jun glockahashi +TrickPath500
Kano +TrickPath250
King's Banana Return +TrickPath775
King's Brainfuck +TrickPath800
King's Mindfuck +TrickPath1250
King's V Banana Return +TrickPath800
KingW's Insanity +TrickPath1000
Ladder Leap from CT Spawn +TrickPath200
Ladder Leap from Jail +TrickPath50
Ladder Leap from T Spawn +TrickPath50
Lake Jump +TrickPath50
Lake Jump to Bonus Cube +TrickPath500
Learning to Fly +TrickPath750
Left Right +TrickPath450
Long Stretch +TrickPath150
Long Wrap +TrickPath50
Long Wrap from Jail +TrickPath100
Long Wrap from spawn +TrickPath325
Longer Stretch +TrickPath325
LOST +TrickPath500
Louie's Rise +TrickPath500
Lovely Jubbly +TrickPath600
Lucifer +TrickPath450
luckY Deluxe +TrickPath1050
luckY's journey +TrickPath325
Lupkes +TrickPath800
Main to Sign from Jail +TrickPath175
Main Wrap +TrickPath50
Main Wrap from Jail +TrickPath100
Main Wrap from spawn +TrickPath150
Mantis +TrickPath700
Mario Walk +TrickPath250
Mason's Trip +TrickPath450
Mayweather +TrickPath1075
Merastorm +TrickPath700
Mind the cracks +TrickPath750
Mini Anime Gap +TrickPath500
Mini Flight +TrickPath600
More Annoying +TrickPath385
Newbie Practice +TrickPath50
Nifps' Rise +TrickPath600
Nifps' Trip +TrickPath700
Nifps' Walk +TrickPath500
nigxu rise +TrickPath550
nigxus amazing adventure +TrickPath900
Nix +TrickPath550
NStrafe +TrickPath400
NStrafe v2 +TrickPath650
Ocean Jump +TrickPath100
Ocean Jump Remix +TrickPath175
Oceanic Highlife +TrickPath650
Odisseo +TrickPath400
Odisseo's Trip +TrickPath600
One way ticket to Healbot +TrickPath250
One way ticket to Mario Room +TrickPath385
Orbit +TrickPath100
Orgrimmar +TrickPath500
Out of stock +TrickPath500
Oxygen Wrap +TrickPath300
Pacific Ocean Jump +TrickPath500
penn's Beyblade +TrickPath500
Pharm Hop +TrickPath200
Pitbull's Euphoria +TrickPath1150
Pitbull's Hurricane +TrickPath900
Pitbull's Rise +TrickPath1000
Pleb Wrap +TrickPath450
Portal +TrickPath225
Portal to Jail Wall +TrickPath325
Pot noodle +TrickPath700
Pro Awp Bounce +TrickPath400
Pro Banana Return +TrickPath800
Pro Banana Wrap +TrickPath100
Pro Banana Wrap Remix +TrickPath175
Pro Main Wrap +TrickPath80
Pro Main Wrap from Jail +TrickPath400
Pro Speed Wrap +TrickPath225
Pro Zolomon +TrickPath550
Psycho Wrap +TrickPath150
Pulse +TrickPath400
Pure +TrickPath500
Q-Through +TrickPath125
Raiden +TrickPath350
Raiden wrap +TrickPath350
Raptor +TrickPath700
Raskal Wrap +TrickPath200
Rasta Rise +TrickPath400
Rebound +TrickPath300
Red Light +TrickPath300
Reverb +TrickPath950
Reverse Elevator +TrickPath250
Reverse Gun Room +TrickPath300
Reverse Jail Escape +TrickPath450
Rikishi +TrickPath200
Rise +TrickPath300
Risin' up +TrickPath775
Roxy go home +TrickPath400
Ryuko Rise +TrickPath900
Samurai +TrickPath700
Savitar wrap +TrickPath100
Say my name... +TrickPath500
Secret Gap +TrickPath225
Simple Walk +TrickPath300
Sneaky Hamburger +TrickPath450
Sneaky Spawn Roof +TrickPath385
Snowman gap +TrickPath150
snurbs revolution +TrickPath400
Sock +TrickPath550
Soggy toe +TrickPath600
Somebody gag KingW +TrickPath500
Son of Zeus +TrickPath900
Spawn Hop +TrickPath195
Spawn Return +TrickPath250
Spawn Rise +TrickPath150
Spawn Wrap +TrickPath50
Spawn Wrap from spawn +TrickPath300
Spawn Wrap over main +TrickPath50
Speed Freak +TrickPath200
Speed Freak Return +TrickPath285
Speed Gap +TrickPath225
Speed Scout +TrickPath300
Speed Wrap +TrickPath200
Spiffid +TrickPath600
SpudOink's Hole +TrickPath700
Spuds Rise +TrickPath1175
Squeeze +TrickPath400
Stealth +TrickPath300
Stormwind +TrickPath300
Strafe Sign Rise +TrickPath300
Sunrise +TrickPath1100
Super noodles +TrickPath850
Survive +TrickPath400
Sweed +TrickPath500
Swifty +TrickPath500
Syphax +TrickPath700
T1 Hop +TrickPath300
T2 Wing Wrap +TrickPath50
T2 Wing Wrap from Jail +TrickPath150
T2 Wrap +TrickPath50
T2 Wrap from Jail +TrickPath185
Terminator Bullshit Wrap +TrickPath100
The AN1M4L SPLASH +TrickPath400
The Delf +TrickPath225
The Drop +TrickPath300
The Mug +TrickPath400
The Retep +TrickPath250
The Retep from jail floor +TrickPath400
The Tomos +TrickPath500
The Tomos_h +TrickPath700
Thunder +TrickPath200
Tip Return +TrickPath400
To the MOON +TrickPath600
Triangle +TrickPath500
Tricky +TrickPath500
Trilogy +TrickPath300
Trilogy Hole +TrickPath600
Triple Awp Rise +TrickPath1000
Triple Banana Wrap +TrickPath1350
Triple Long Wrap +TrickPath800
Triple Snowman gap +TrickPath800
Triple Zolomon +TrickPath700
Twiistedq can't strafe +TrickPath500
Undercover +TrickPath500
Unleashed +TrickPath850
Up and out +TrickPath200
V Banana Return +TrickPath700
V Zyzz +TrickPath800
Vacuum cleaner +TrickPath500
Vak's Telehop +TrickPath400
Vak's Telehop V2 +TrickPath650
Vampire Diaries +TrickPath600
Venox & Pornii's lovestory +TrickPath350
Vertex +TrickPath600
Vertex remix +TrickPath950
Vertigo +TrickPath400
Virtuoso +TrickPath800
Visiting my grandmom +TrickPath500
Vitality +TrickPath700
Walk the plank +TrickPath600
Wasp Tuna +TrickPath500
Watermelon +TrickPath650
We love CC +TrickPath500
Weaver +TrickPath500
Wedges all day +TrickPath1100
Weeb-wrap +TrickPath225
Wet Bread +TrickPath825
Wickstead +TrickPath500
Wrap Rise +TrickPath1225
Wraps all day +TrickPath250
Wrath +TrickPath350
WTB yawspeed +TrickPath1000
WTB yawspeed v2 +TrickPath1250
Yet another Rise +TrickPath400
Yoitsu +TrickPath450
You tell em Cowboy +TrickPath250
Zolomon +TrickPath175
Zolomon from spawn +TrickPath1000
Zyzz +TrickPath200
Zyzz v2 +TrickPath400