Player: CQLOR

Steamid: 76561198218209029
Country: United States
Seen First: 2018.02.14
Seen Last: 2018.02.14

Completion for surf_greatriver_xdre4m [csgo]

- +TrickPath175
0tecH Hit-Point +TrickPath300
0tecH's G1 +TrickPath450
0tecH's G3 +TrickPath760
0tecH's G4 +TrickPath2800
0tecH's G5000 +TrickPath650
0tecH's G5000 Remix +TrickPath500
0tecH's Survival +TrickPath800
0tecH's Telehop +TrickPath600
0tecHnology +TrickPath800
0tecHnology 2.0 +TrickPath1337
0tecHnology 3.0 +TrickPath600
1-2-3-4 +TrickPath150
1-2-3-4-5 +TrickPath200
1-2-3-4-5-6 +TrickPath275
1-2-3-4-5-6-7 +TrickPath300
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 +TrickPath500
444 +TrickPath200
444 behind main +TrickPath333
4444 +TrickPath150
4444 behind main +TrickPath222
44444 +TrickPath250
44444 behind main +TrickPath222
444444 +TrickPath300
444444 behind main +TrickPath333
4444444 +TrickPath350
636 +TrickPath100
666 +TrickPath200
6666 +TrickPath200
66666 +TrickPath666
8^) +TrickPath100
A Tornado Attack! +TrickPath400
A Trick Nifps Can't Do +TrickPath500
A Trick Trexx Can't Do +TrickPath800
a Trick you can't do because you are bad +TrickPath300
Abartox Tobe +TrickPath250
Acid's Roundabout +TrickPath200
Advanced 0tecH's G1 +TrickPath850
Advanced Strafe 3 +TrickPath250
Alb For Beginnerz +TrickPath250
Alb jumps into your House +TrickPath50
Alb's Hard Strafe +TrickPath375
Alb's Strafe +TrickPath300
Alb's Super Hard Strafe +TrickPath675
Alb's Trauma +TrickPath500
Albtraum's G3 +TrickPath535
Albtraum's G4 +TrickPath950
Albtraum's G5 +TrickPath600
Albtraum's lol +TrickPath500
Anonymous +TrickPath500
ATS 2.0 Remix +TrickPath567
ATS Retreat Remix +TrickPath505
ATSception +TrickPath2400
Authentic's G3000 +TrickPath300
Authentic's G4000 +TrickPath400
Authentic's G5000 +TrickPath666
Authentics G1 +TrickPath800
Avenge's G3000 +TrickPath300
Aybres G3 +TrickPath150
Aybres G4 +TrickPath250
Aybres G5 +TrickPath350
Bad Trip +TrickPath250
Bambii's Trip +TrickPath500
Be Right Back +TrickPath350
Be Right Back 2.0 +TrickPath400
Be Right Back 3.0 +TrickPath400
behind shotgun to spawn wrap to main wrap +TrickPath200
Big Lei +TrickPath900
Bigger Lei1000
Biggest Lei +TrickPath1500
Black G3 +TrickPath450
Black G4 +TrickPath550
Black G5 +TrickPath650
Blue Sky's Pro Pop-Fly +TrickPath300
Blue Sky's Pro Pop-Fly from ST +TrickPath350
Boosterjuice +TrickPath300
Box G3 +TrickPath550
Box hop +TrickPath45
Box Strafe +TrickPath150
Box walk +TrickPath450
Box wrap +TrickPath100
Breaker +TrickPath897
BReeZ's Bloody Twat +TrickPath750
BReeZ's Menstruation Cramp900
BReeZ's Secret +TrickPath300
BReeZ's Tampon +TrickPath600
BReeZy BaBy +TrickPath500
broken-spin +TrickPath150
broken-spin to jail pillar +TrickPath150
broken-spin to sky +TrickPath150
broken-spin to skypillar +TrickPath175
broken-spin to skyplate +TrickPath150
Buslenkrad +TrickPath600
Butterfly +TrickPath450
C-5 +TrickPath600
Camo Gap +TrickPath200
Carpy G3 +TrickPath300
Carpy G4 +TrickPath350
Carpy G5 +TrickPath400
Celine's Warmup +TrickPath500
Cgap +TrickPath435
Chaos +TrickPath100
Chrome's G3000 +TrickPath300
Chrome's G4000 +TrickPath350
Chrome's G5000 +TrickPath400
Chronic G3000 +TrickPath200
Chronic G4000 +TrickPath250
Chronic G5000 +TrickPath350
Chupacabra +TrickPath115
Chupacabra to Bridge +TrickPath130
Chupacabra to ST +TrickPath145
Cock Hop +TrickPath150
Core +TrickPath400
Core G1 +TrickPath401
Core G3 +TrickPath800
Core G5 +TrickPath550
Core Hop +TrickPath500
Core Rise +TrickPath600
Core Slants +TrickPath700
Core Spin +TrickPath400
Core Spin to Jail Pillar +TrickPath450
Core Spin to Sky +TrickPath500
Crazy Hop +TrickPath100
Crazy Hops to jail ceiling +TrickPath150
Crazy Hops to Jail Pillar +TrickPath100
Crazy Hops to Sky +TrickPath500
Crazy Hops to Skyplate +TrickPath701
Crazy Hops to Supertop +TrickPath150
Crazy Hops to top +TrickPath100
Crazy Twist +TrickPath275
darude sandstorm +TrickPath450
Darxor's G3000 +TrickPath675
Desire's G3000 +TrickPath300
Desire's G4000 +TrickPath450
Desire's G5000 +TrickPath700
Desire's Remix +TrickPath800
Dillionare G4 +TrickPath650
Dillionare G5 +TrickPath750
Disco Pogo +TrickPath150
Don't Panik600
Double ATS Retreat +TrickPath600
Double ATS Retreat 2.0 +TrickPath800
Double Bug +TrickPath315
Double Core +TrickPath700
Double Core Slants1000
Double Core Spin +TrickPath500
Double Erb-G4000 +TrickPath800
Double Erb-G5000 +TrickPath1000
Double G3000 From Telehop +TrickPath400
Double G4000 From Telehop +TrickPath600
Double G5000 From Telehop +TrickPath800
Double Kap's G3000 +TrickPath300
Double Kap's G4000 +TrickPath400
Double Kap's G5000 +TrickPath500
Double Lewed g3000 +TrickPath500
Double Lewed g4000 +TrickPath750
Double Lewed g50001500
Double Main Wrap +TrickPath100
Double NS-Hop +TrickPath700
Double NS-Hop to jail ceiling +TrickPath300
Double NS-Hop to jail pillar +TrickPath500
Double Rainbow +TrickPath1000
Double Secret G3000 +TrickPath500
Double Secret G4000 +TrickPath700
Double Secret G5000 +TrickPath900
Double Toxicity +TrickPath1500
Double Waterbug +TrickPath450
Down, down, down +TrickPath175
Easy Double Bug +TrickPath250
Easy Double rainbow +TrickPath200
Easy Waterbug +TrickPath150
Easy Waterbug to ST +TrickPath150
Echse's Gay3k +TrickPath1000
Echse's Hard Retreat +TrickPath800
Echse's nearly Gay3k +TrickPath600
Echse's Retreat +TrickPath400
Echse's Ultra Gayhop +TrickPath600
Egyptian Warmed Up +TrickPath400
Erb-G3000 +TrickPath300
Erb-G4000 +TrickPath350
Erb-G5000 +TrickPath500
Even hop +TrickPath350
Evening's Nightmare +TrickPath1234
Evening's Secret Waterbug +TrickPath250
eXiiLe is a dick +TrickPath669
eXiiLe's Flow G3000600
eXiiLe's Flow G4000 +TrickPath800
eXiiLe's Flow G50001000
eXiiLe's Martian +TrickPath600
eXiiLe's Retreat +TrickPath800
Extreme Double ATS Retreat +TrickPath2400
Extreme Nade Hop350
Extremely Bad Trip +TrickPath500
Exy Fuck Off! +TrickPath100
Exy's Retarded G3000 +TrickPath420
Exy's Retarded G4000 +TrickPath520
Exy's Retarded G5000 +TrickPath620
eXy-up-Broskie +TrickPath100
Fgap +TrickPath400
Figure 8 +TrickPath150
Flash G3000 +TrickPath300
Flash G4000 +TrickPath400
Flash G5000 +TrickPath1500
Flash Rise +TrickPath789
Flawless Obliterates Olsson +TrickPath1800
Flawless Telehop +TrickPath450
Flawless' G3 +TrickPath1000
Flawless' G4 +TrickPath1200
Flawless' G5 +TrickPath1200
Flawless. +TrickPath500
Flex'ocalypse +TrickPath345
FlexXx's Bugs Bunny +TrickPath350
FlexXx's g3000 +TrickPath300
FlexXx's g4000 +TrickPath375
FlexXx's g5000 +TrickPath450
FlexXx's Pro G1 +TrickPath500
FlexXx's Slant +TrickPath325
FlexXx's Waterfuck +TrickPath275
FlexXx's Wrap +TrickPath175
Fly Like An Eagle +TrickPath100
Free-Fall +TrickPath75
Frozen g3000 +TrickPath350
Frozen g4000 +TrickPath450
Frozen g5000 +TrickPath550
Frozen Wrap +TrickPath650
Frozen's Bananasplit +TrickPath275
Frozen's Bug-Hop +TrickPath150
FruiT#NiNja's Pharn +TrickPath30
Future Jr. +TrickPath800
Future's Rise +TrickPath800
Future's Walk +TrickPath400
Future's Warmup1500
g-spin +TrickPath100
G-spin From Telehop +TrickPath100
G-Spin Fsp +TrickPath200
G-Spin Make me Hard +TrickPath200
G-Spin to Bridge Hop +TrickPath125
G-Spin to G3000 +TrickPath150
G-Spin to G4000 +TrickPath225
G-Spin to G5000 +TrickPath350
G-Spin to Jail Pillar +TrickPath175
G-Spin to Lewed 69 +TrickPath300
G-Spin to Lewed 69 Under Shotty +TrickPath350
G-Spin to Lewed 79 +TrickPath500
G-Spin to Lewed 79 Under Shotty +TrickPath600
G-Spin to Lewed 89 +TrickPath900
G-Spin to Lewed 89 Under Shotty +TrickPath800
G-Spin to Lewed G3000 +TrickPath250
G-Spin to Lewed G3000 under shotty +TrickPath300
G-Spin to Lewed G4000 +TrickPath325
G-Spin to Lewed G4000 under shotty +TrickPath400
G-Spin to Lewed G5000 +TrickPath400
G-Spin to Lewed G5000 under shotty +TrickPath500
G-Spin to Pro Bridge Hop +TrickPath225
G-Spin to Sky +TrickPath100
G-Spin to Sky Pillar +TrickPath150
G-Spin to Skyplate +TrickPath125
G-Star +TrickPath500
G-Star to Sky +TrickPath900
G10 +TrickPath250
G11 +TrickPath350
G11 Raped +TrickPath350
G11 Raped to Jail Pillar +TrickPath600
G11 Raped to Supertop +TrickPath400
G12000 +TrickPath2100
G12321 +TrickPath350
G3 From Spawn +TrickPath150
G3 Fsp +TrickPath150
G3 under stairs +TrickPath250
G3000 +TrickPath150
G3000 From Supertop Water +TrickPath125
G3000 From Telehop +TrickPath250
G3000 to G4000 +TrickPath600
G3000 to Sky +TrickPath300
G3000 to Skyplate +TrickPath1750
G3000 x2 +TrickPath350
G3000 x3 +TrickPath999
G3K Outta Box +TrickPath500
G4 From Spawn +TrickPath350
G4 Fsp +TrickPath450
G4 under stairs +TrickPath350
G4000 +TrickPath225
G4000 From Supertop Water +TrickPath200
G4000 From Telehop +TrickPath375
G4K Outta Box +TrickPath800
G5 From Spawn +TrickPath500
G5 Fsp +TrickPath600
G5 under stairs +TrickPath450
G5000 +TrickPath300
G5000 From Supertop Water +TrickPath300
G5000 From Telehop +TrickPath500
G5K Outta Box +TrickPath1600
G5K Raped +TrickPath225
G5K Raped to Jail Pillar +TrickPath400
G5K Raped to Sky +TrickPath2000
G5K Raped to Supertop +TrickPath275
G6 +TrickPath150
G7 +TrickPath250
G8 +TrickPath350
G9 +TrickPath200
Gay 3000 +TrickPath750
Gold is High +TrickPath200
Green Is A Mad Scientist +TrickPath1000
Green Is A Madman +TrickPath650
Green's G5 +TrickPath650
Green's Jack in the Box +TrickPath1500
Grenade Jump +TrickPath85
habreszona +TrickPath350
Hammer Spin +TrickPath250
Hammer Strafe +TrickPath200
Hard ATS Retreat +TrickPath400
Hard ATS Retreat 2.0 +TrickPath750
Hard ATS Rise3000
Hard ATSception +TrickPath2600
Hard Boosterjuice +TrickPath301
Hard BReeZy BaBy +TrickPath900
Hard Double ATS Retreat +TrickPath600
Hard Double ATS Retreat 2.0 +TrickPath1000
Hard Double Bug415
Hard Double Rainbow1500
Hard Double Toxicity +TrickPath2500
Hard G-Star +TrickPath600
Hard Green's G5 +TrickPath900
Hard Hollywood +TrickPath550
Hard Kruel Hop +TrickPath650
Hard Nifps' Walk +TrickPath800
Hard Nip Jr. +TrickPath1500
Hard Rise +TrickPath900
Hard Sarkastik's g5 +TrickPath2000
Hard Snowhop +TrickPath400
Hard Sonic Gap +TrickPath700
Hard ST G3 +TrickPath500
Hard Telewrap +TrickPath701
Hard Toxicity +TrickPath600
Hard Triple ATS Retreat +TrickPath2500
Hardcore +TrickPath800
Hardcore G1 +TrickPath501
Hardcore Rise +TrickPath700
Heaven +TrickPath4000
Heaven And Hell +TrickPath400
hEEERO's G5 +TrickPath400
Hidden +TrickPath500
Holly's Quickie +TrickPath800
Holy's G3 +TrickPath750
Home Sweet Home +TrickPath400
horse.exe +TrickPath500
how does this work mom help +TrickPath100
I Smell a BReeZ +TrickPath550
Ibtu Slants250
iEx's G3 +TrickPath250
iEx's G4 +TrickPath300
iEx's G5 +TrickPath400
iEx's sEx +TrickPath800
IMPOS BReeZy BaBy +TrickPath2800
Impossible Double ATS Retreat +TrickPath3000
In5anity +TrickPath1000
Ins4nity +TrickPath900
Insane G3 +TrickPath300
Insane G4 +TrickPath350
Insane G5 +TrickPath400
Insane Gap +TrickPath250
Insane Shamster's Secret +TrickPath400
Insane Survival +TrickPath900
Insane Telehop +TrickPath1400
Insane, Go home +TrickPath150
Insanity +TrickPath750
J-Up +TrickPath175
Jailtelehop to sky +TrickPath200
Jailtelehop to skyplate750
JaKe Go Home +TrickPath125
Jake's Easy Spawn Wrap +TrickPath475
Javel? +TrickPath800
Jazzatron +TrickPath666
Jinx Gap +TrickPath275
Joker's g3000 +TrickPath350
Joker's g4000 +TrickPath600
Joker's g5000 +TrickPath1000
Joker's Spin +TrickPath345
Jonz Roll +TrickPath1000
JORDAN^^'s G3 +TrickPath300
JORDAN^^'s G4 +TrickPath400
JORDAN^^'s G5 +TrickPath900
Junior's G3K Outta Box +TrickPath500
Junior's G4K Outta Box +TrickPath1000
Junior's G5K Outta Box +TrickPath1700
Junkyy's g3 +TrickPath300
Junkyy's g4 +TrickPath350
Junkyy's g5 +TrickPath400
k-k-k-k-kR0NE'B0 BREAKER700
Kap's g3000 +TrickPath200
Kap's g4000 +TrickPath300
Kap's g5000 +TrickPath400
Karmaristik +TrickPath175
kira is a sanic lover +TrickPath500
kira's g4 +TrickPath350
kira's g5 +TrickPath400
kira's slant +TrickPath600
kira's wrap +TrickPath200
kiraise +TrickPath200
Knazz Didn't Know What to Name This +TrickPath400
Konfix g3000 +TrickPath300
Konfix g4000 +TrickPath500
Konfix g5000 +TrickPath1000
kR0NE's g3 +TrickPath400
kR0NE's g4 +TrickPath600
kR0NE's G5 +TrickPath500
kR0NE's g5 +TrickPath650
kR0NE's Gap +TrickPath800
kR0NE's Telehop +TrickPath357
kR0NE's Telehop v2.0 +TrickPath425
kR0NE's Trick +TrickPath700
kR0NE's vERITAS +TrickPath300
Kratos G3 +TrickPath350
Kratos G4 +TrickPath450
Kratos G5 +TrickPath500
Kruel Hop +TrickPath575
Kruel Rise +TrickPath1000
Krystal Spin +TrickPath150
l33tago g10 +TrickPath450
l33tago g11 +TrickPath525
l33tago g3 +TrickPath275
l33tago g4 +TrickPath300
l33tago g5 +TrickPath325
l33tago g6 +TrickPath350
l33tago g7 +TrickPath450
l33tago g8 +TrickPath450
l33tago g9 +TrickPath375
l33tago spin +TrickPath175
Lars Palmas +TrickPath1500
LarzZz's Sky High +TrickPath150
Leer's Revenge +TrickPath950
Leetago Gap +TrickPath200
Lett Slants +TrickPath2000
Lewed 69 +TrickPath225
Lewed 69 from Telehop +TrickPath300
Lewed 69 Under shotguns +TrickPath275
Lewed 69 under shotguns From Spawn +TrickPath500
Lewed 69 without shotgun +TrickPath200
Lewed 690 +TrickPath500
Lewed 690 Under Shotguns +TrickPath450
Lewed 6900 +TrickPath300
Lewed 6900 under shotty +TrickPath400
Lewed 79 +TrickPath275
Lewed 79 from Telehop +TrickPath432
Lewed 79 Under shotguns +TrickPath425
Lewed 79 under shotguns From Spawn +TrickPath850
Lewed 79 without shotgun +TrickPath500
Lewed 790 +TrickPath600
Lewed 790 Under Shotguns +TrickPath550
Lewed 7900 +TrickPath400
Lewed 7900 under shotty +TrickPath575
Lewed 89 +TrickPath350
Lewed 89 from Telehop +TrickPath890
lewed 89 under shotguns +TrickPath550
Lewed 89 under shotguns From Spawn +TrickPath2000
Lewed 89 without shotgun +TrickPath890
Lewed 890 +TrickPath800
Lewed 890 Under Shotguns +TrickPath650
Lewed 8900 +TrickPath600
Lewed 8900 under shotty +TrickPath675
Lewed G10 +TrickPath275
Lewed G10 under shotty +TrickPath300
Lewed G11 +TrickPath400
Lewed G11 under shotty +TrickPath350
Lewed G3000 +TrickPath150
Lewed G3000 under shotgun +TrickPath175
Lewed G3000 under shotgun From Spawn +TrickPath450
Lewed G4000 +TrickPath175
Lewed G4000 under shotgun +TrickPath200
Lewed G4000 under shotgun From Spawn +TrickPath550
Lewed G5000 +TrickPath225
Lewed G5000 under shotgun +TrickPath250
Lewed G5000 under shotgun From Spawn +TrickPath650
Lewed G6 +TrickPath200
Lewed G6 Under Shotguns +TrickPath300
Lewed G7 +TrickPath300
Lewed G7 Under Shotguns +TrickPath375
Lewed G8 +TrickPath300
Lewed G8 Under Shotguns +TrickPath450
Lewed G9 +TrickPath225
Lewed G9 under shotty +TrickPath300
Lewed l33tago g10 +TrickPath525
Lewed l33tago g10 Under Shotty +TrickPath550
Lewed l33tago g11 +TrickPath675
Lewed l33tago g11 Under Shotty +TrickPath675
Lewed l33tago g3 +TrickPath350
Lewed l33tago g3 under shotty +TrickPath300
Lewed l33tago g4 +TrickPath425
Lewed l33tago g4 under shotty +TrickPath375
Lewed l33tago g5 +TrickPath500
Lewed l33tago g5 under shotty +TrickPath450
Lewed L33tago G6 +TrickPath400
Lewed L33tago G6 Under Shotty +TrickPath450
Lewed L33tago G7 +TrickPath500
Lewed L33tago G7 Under Shotty +TrickPath550
Lewed L33tago G8 +TrickPath550
Lewed L33tago G8 Under Shotty +TrickPath600
Lewed l33tago g9 +TrickPath450
Lewed l33tago g9 Under Shotty +TrickPath450
LoneWolves' EvilSlide +TrickPath350
LoneWolves' Hard Rise +TrickPath450
LoneWolves' Lift-Off +TrickPath150
LoneWolves' Pro Rise +TrickPath650
LoneWolves' Revenge +TrickPath400
LoneWolves' Rise +TrickPath200
Lou's Gap +TrickPath100
Luckzor +TrickPath700
Luckzor from sky +TrickPath500
Mad ? +TrickPath700
main wrap +TrickPath25
Matti Goes To Germany +TrickPath500
Matti Goes To Hollywood +TrickPath700
Matti Is The Girl +TrickPath300
Matti's Dirty Secret +TrickPath300
Maustrafe +TrickPath375
McG3000 +TrickPath400
McG4000 +TrickPath450
McG5000 +TrickPath500
mera 1up +TrickPath500
mera goes to hollywood +TrickPath750
Mera Hop +TrickPath300
mera is a memelord1500
mera is a sonic lover +TrickPath500
Mera Jr. +TrickPath789
mera michael cabrera +TrickPath800
merise +TrickPath200
Milkyway's Box +TrickPath300
Mkayy +TrickPath10
Morning Gap +TrickPath300
Morning Star +TrickPath300
Multivitaminjuice +TrickPath1300
nick'elodeon +TrickPath456
nick'elodeon to jailpillar +TrickPath567
nick'elodeon to sky +TrickPath700
nifps hopslant600
nifps is a smart man +TrickPath600
nifps' g1 +TrickPath600
nifps' return +TrickPath500
Nifps' Rise +TrickPath600
Nifps' Strafe +TrickPath170
nifps'g3 +TrickPath400
nifps'g4 +TrickPath500
nifps'g5 +TrickPath600
Nip Jr. +TrickPath1200
Nip's Rise +TrickPath2000
No Ceilings +TrickPath100
Noed's Hop +TrickPath100
NoPain Gap +TrickPath100
NoPain's WierdO Wrap +TrickPath275
NostalG4ia +TrickPath600
Nostalgia +TrickPath400
Nostalgia's Memory +TrickPath800
Nostalgia's Rise +TrickPath400
Nostalgia.exe +TrickPath350
NS-Hop +TrickPath500
NS-Hop to jail ceiling +TrickPath300
NS-Hop to jail pillar +TrickPath400
Ol' Son of a Bitch2500
Orangensaft's g3000 +TrickPath300
Orangensaft's g4000 +TrickPath450
Orangensaft's g5000 +TrickPath600
Ouma's G5 +TrickPath850
Ownd's Slant +TrickPath200
Ownd's Spin +TrickPath250
Owned g10 +TrickPath500
Owned g11 +TrickPath600
Owned g9 +TrickPath200
Owned Gap +TrickPath300
Oza is Cute +TrickPath321
Oza's G5 +TrickPath675
Oza's Ridiculousity +TrickPath1000
Ozabulous +TrickPath500
Ozamazing +TrickPath600
Ozarvelous +TrickPath600
Ozatacular +TrickPath500
Ozatastic +TrickPath505
Pat's g0 +TrickPath400
Pat's G1 +TrickPath650
PeeaK's G5 +TrickPath350
Phail Hop +TrickPath100
Pharn +TrickPath35
Phaxy Der Boss +TrickPath500
Phy3eR's G3 +TrickPath250
Phy3eR's G4 +TrickPath400
Phy3eR's G5 +TrickPath600
Ping Pong +TrickPath370
pocket strafe +TrickPath150
Pool Telehop +TrickPath400
Pool Telehop to G3 +TrickPath200
Pool Telehop to G4 +TrickPath400
Pool Telehop to G5 +TrickPath600
Pool Wrap +TrickPath100
Pop-Fly +TrickPath200
Pop-Fly from ST +TrickPath200
Pop-Fly to Skyplate +TrickPath500
Pride is gay +TrickPath800
Pro ATS Retreat +TrickPath450
Pro ATS Retreat 2.0 +TrickPath750
Pro ATSception +TrickPath3000
Pro Double ATS Retreat +TrickPath800
Pro Double ATS Retreat 2.0 +TrickPath1000
Pro G-Star +TrickPath700
Pro Mad ? +TrickPath900
Pro Main wrap +TrickPath250
Pro Rise +TrickPath1100
Pro Schmitz Gap +TrickPath400
Pro Shit Gap +TrickPath685
pro spawn drop +TrickPath500
Pro Triple ATS Retreat +TrickPath2900
Purge G3 +TrickPath250
Purge G4 +TrickPath350
Purge G5 +TrickPath450
Pushup +TrickPath300
Pussy Switch Gap +TrickPath175
Pwned g10 +TrickPath500
Pwned g11 +TrickPath600
Pwned g9 +TrickPath400
qmix hard rise +TrickPath2200
qmix slants1000
Qmix's BJ +TrickPath1100
qmix's rise +TrickPath950
Quadruple ATS Retreat +TrickPath4000
Quadruple Erb-G5000 +TrickPath1500
RaiBok is cute1000
RaiBok's G3 +TrickPath1100
Ram's Drop +TrickPath300
Rassex G3 +TrickPath300
Rassex G4 +TrickPath500
Rassex G5 +TrickPath700
Raupyyy's Baum! +TrickPath600
Raupyyy's G3 +TrickPath400
Raupyyy's G4 +TrickPath500
Raupyyy's G5 +TrickPath600
Reach Around +TrickPath400
Reach Around Upwards +TrickPath575
Reaper's Asylum +TrickPath800
Reaper's Drowning Pools +TrickPath250
Reaper's G3 +TrickPath250
Reaper's G4 +TrickPath300
Reaper's G5 +TrickPath400
reapZi rapes Eve to jail ceiling +TrickPath500
reapZi rapes Eve to jailpillartop +TrickPath600
reapZi rapes Eve to sky +TrickPath700
Reborn's G3000 +TrickPath333
Reborn's G4000 +TrickPath444
Reborn's G5000 +TrickPath555
Rebound +TrickPath1200
Rennauto Gap +TrickPath200
Rexxar g3 +TrickPath250
Rexxar g4 +TrickPath300
Rexxar g5 +TrickPath350
RIP Darxor851
Rise +TrickPath500
Rise G3000 +TrickPath750
Rise G4000 +TrickPath1200
Rise G5000 +TrickPath2250
Rmx G3 +TrickPath200
Rmx G4 +TrickPath275
Rmx G5 +TrickPath350
Rnb'Z G5 +TrickPath1000
Rox's Rise +TrickPath650
S-G3000 +TrickPath400
S-G4000 +TrickPath500
S-G5000 +TrickPath700
S-J-T-J-T-J-T-J-T-ST +TrickPath600
S-J-T-J-T-J-T-ST +TrickPath200
S-J-T-J-T-ST +TrickPath150
S-J-T-ST +TrickPath100
S-Strafe +TrickPath666
S-T to spawn ramp to skyplate +TrickPath275
Safty's G3 +TrickPath500
Safty's G4 +TrickPath1000
Safty's G5 +TrickPath2200
Saftyyy's Baum! +TrickPath1200
saga's G5 +TrickPath500
Saosin's G3500
Sarah's Loverboy +TrickPath500
Sarkastik's Flash G4000 +TrickPath2000
Sarkastik's g5 +TrickPath1500
Sarkastik's g5k outta box +TrickPath2000
Schmitz Gap +TrickPath200
Schmitz Spin +TrickPath200
Schwuchtel +TrickPath1000
Secret G3000 +TrickPath250
Secret G4000 +TrickPath350
Secret G5000 +TrickPath500
Shamster's Secret +TrickPath200
Shit Gap +TrickPath300
Sign G3 +TrickPath600
Sign G4700
Silent G3000 +TrickPath150
Silent G4000 +TrickPath250
Silent G5000 +TrickPath400
Silent's Gay Bar +TrickPath275
Silent's JackHouse +TrickPath450
Silent's JackHouse Pro +TrickPath600
Silent's JackHouse UBERPRO +TrickPath850
Skinkerytter +TrickPath1250
sky to box +TrickPath50
Skyline 1337 Gap500
Skyline 1337 Wrap +TrickPath733
Skyline's Chaos +TrickPath20
Skyline's G3 +TrickPath400
Skyline's G4 +TrickPath555
Skyline's G5 +TrickPath666
Skyline's Gap +TrickPath100
Skyline's Hit-point +TrickPath500
Skyline's Legendary G5000 +TrickPath500
Skyline's Wrap +TrickPath300
Slant Rise700
Slants, Slants everywhere !! +TrickPath400
Slanty BReeZ +TrickPath400
Slide +TrickPath666
Sn +TrickPath600
Sneaky Climb +TrickPath500
Snowhop +TrickPath300
Something +TrickPath225
Something to jail pillar +TrickPath300
Something to sky +TrickPath375
Sonic G3000 +TrickPath250
Sonic G4000 +TrickPath300
Sonic G5000 +TrickPath350
Sonic Gap +TrickPath200
Sonic's JailSpin +TrickPath250
Sonic's Pro JailSpin +TrickPath500
spawn drop +TrickPath100
Spawn Hop +TrickPath20
spawn ramp to supertop without teleport +TrickPath250
spawn slide +TrickPath75
Spin to Win 'till you die ! +TrickPath555
splash box +TrickPath75
Spoiled Apple +TrickPath450
Spoiled Beer1500
Spoiled Milk +TrickPath800
SStyle G3 +TrickPath400
SStyle G4 +TrickPath700
SStyle G5 +TrickPath2200
ST-Spin to G3000 +TrickPath140
ST-Spin to G4000 +TrickPath215
ST-Spin to G5000 +TrickPath315
ST-Spin to l33tago g3 +TrickPath450
ST-Spin to l33tago g4 +TrickPath500
ST-Spin to l33tago g5 +TrickPath550
ST-Spin to Lewed 69 +TrickPath375
ST-Spin to Lewed 69 under shotty +TrickPath425
ST-Spin to Lewed 79 +TrickPath550
ST-Spin to Lewed 79 under shotty +TrickPath550
ST-Spin to Lewed 89 +TrickPath700
ST-Spin to Lewed 89 under shotty +TrickPath800
ST-Spin to Lewed G3000 +TrickPath300
ST-Spin to Lewed G3000 under shotty +TrickPath325
ST-Spin to Lewed G4000 +TrickPath400
ST-Spin to Lewed G4000 under shotty +TrickPath400
ST-Spin to Lewed G5000 +TrickPath450
ST-Spin to Lewed G5000 under shotty +TrickPath575
ST-Spin to Lewed L33tago 69 +TrickPath475
ST-Spin to Lewed L33tago 69 Under Shotty +TrickPath475
ST-Spin to Lewed L33tago 79 +TrickPath600
ST-Spin to Lewed L33tago 79 Under Shotty +TrickPath600
ST-Spin to Lewed L33tago 89 +TrickPath850
ST-Spin to Lewed L33tago 89 Under Shotty +TrickPath850
St-Spin to Lewed L33tago G3 +TrickPath500
St-Spin to Lewed L33tago G3 Under Shotty +TrickPath550
St-Spin to Lewed L33tago G4 +TrickPath550
St-Spin to Lewed L33tago G4 Under Shotty +TrickPath600
St-Spin to Lewed L33tago G5 +TrickPath600
St-Spin to Lewed L33tago G5 Under Shotty +TrickPath650
stay caaaalm +TrickPath500
Strafe +TrickPath10
Strafe 2 +TrickPath400
Strafe 244400
Strafe 3 +TrickPath100
Strafe 4 +TrickPath100
Strafe 5 +TrickPath100
Strafe 6 +TrickPath100
Strafe 7 +TrickPath100
Strafe 8 +TrickPath300
Strafe 881500
Strafe 9 +TrickPath50
Strafe to wall +TrickPath125
Suey +TrickPath175
Sunrise G3 +TrickPath300
Sunrise G4 +TrickPath500
Sunrise G5 +TrickPath700
Sunrise Gap +TrickPath470
Super Hard Hollywood2300
Super Hard Rise +TrickPath1200
Super Mad ? +TrickPath800
sut min hammer +TrickPath400
Switch Gap +TrickPath175
T-Bone Top +TrickPath300
Taane's Drop +TrickPath500
Telehop to Ass End +TrickPath400
Telehop to Skyplate +TrickPath500
Telewrap +TrickPath501
The ATS G4 +TrickPath3000
The ATS Rebound +TrickPath3500
The ATS Retreat +TrickPath350
The ATS Retreat 2.0 +TrickPath456
The ATS Rise +TrickPath1000
The Pwned +TrickPath150
The Pwned to jailpillar top +TrickPath250
The Xerian Wrap444
Tocke's G3 +TrickPath250
Tocke's G4 +TrickPath350
Tocke's G5 +TrickPath500
Too easy +TrickPath25
top hop +TrickPath75
Top Tele Hop +TrickPath150
top-spin +TrickPath150
top-wrap +TrickPath150
Tornado Main Wrap +TrickPath450
Toxic Gap +TrickPath500
Toxic Wrap +TrickPath450
Toxicity Remix +TrickPath2600
Toxicity to Main +TrickPath1000
Trace's High Dinosaur +TrickPath300
Trance's Gap +TrickPath500
Trance's Pop Fly +TrickPath500
Trance's Wrap +TrickPath713
Trancexual +TrickPath500
Trick +TrickPath500
Trick to G4 +TrickPath900
Triple ATS Retreat +TrickPath2000
Triple Erb-G5000 +TrickPath1300
Triple G3000 +TrickPath777
Triple G4000 +TrickPath800
Triple G5000 +TrickPath1000
Triple Main Wrap +TrickPath250
Triple Toxicity +TrickPath4000
Triple Waterfall Wrap +TrickPath777
Trofle Gap +TrickPath800
Trofle's Hax +TrickPath800
Trofle's Rise +TrickPath750
Trooper's Wrap +TrickPath100
tunnel jump +TrickPath50
Ultimate Double ATS Retreat +TrickPath4500
Ultimate Survival +TrickPath500
Ultra ATS Rebound4000
Ultra G3 +TrickPath600
Ultra Hard Rise +TrickPath2200
Untouchable +TrickPath150
Up, Up, Up +TrickPath200
V Toxic Wrap +TrickPath500
V-Sign to ST +TrickPath600
V-Sign to Waterfall Pocket +TrickPath500
V2ner +TrickPath350
V3ner +TrickPath100
Vak's G0 +TrickPath600
Vak's G1 +TrickPath800
Vak's G2 +TrickPath1800
vodka.exe +TrickPath450
Voner +TrickPath100
Voner Rise +TrickPath500
Vortex +TrickPath654
Waave Hole900
Warmup +TrickPath100
watamalan g5800
Waterbug +TrickPath200
Waterbug to ST +TrickPath300
Waterbug to st-water +TrickPath250
Waterbug to st-water to g3000 +TrickPath350
Waterbug to st-water to g4000 +TrickPath555
Waterbug to st-water to g5000 +TrickPath666
Waterfallspin to G3000 +TrickPath200
Waterfallspin to G4000 +TrickPath350
Waterfallspin to G5000 +TrickPath500
Weapon Wrap +TrickPath150
Wille's G5300
Wille's Rise +TrickPath700
Wille's Telefuck +TrickPath450
Wille's Telehop1200
Wrecker +TrickPath560
X3 +TrickPath150
X3n0n's g3000 +TrickPath375
X3n0n's g4000 +TrickPath450
X3n0n's g5000 +TrickPath450
X3n0n's spin +TrickPath345
X3n0n's Twist +TrickPath350
X4 +TrickPath300
X5 +TrickPath450
xEN g3000 +TrickPath500
xEN g4000 +TrickPath700
xEN g5000 +TrickPath900
XGap +TrickPath350
xinny is cute +TrickPath642
xinny's autism800
Yakuzaa gap +TrickPath250
Yakuzaa gap v2 +TrickPath250
Yates g-spin +TrickPath115
Zato Jr. +TrickPath1000
zEEEbrah's Pro Main Wrap +TrickPath666
zEEEbrah's Rise +TrickPath450
zEEEbrah's Slant +TrickPath450
zEEEbrah's trick or treat +TrickPath400
zEEEbrah's trick or treat to jail pilar +TrickPath600
zEEEbrah's trick or treat to sky +TrickPath1000
Zinger Slants +TrickPath175
zYNK can be mad +TrickPath1000
~ :D +TrickPath450