Player: Meteor-Necs

Steamid: 76561198087864323
Country: Argentina
Seen First: 2018.02.12
Seen Last: 2018.02.12

Completion for surf_japan_ptad [css]

360 Ladder Stall +TrickPath360
4 Square +TrickPath50
700 +TrickPath700
A+ +TrickPath1000
AAA +TrickPath250
AAA 2.0 +TrickPath350
AAA Remix +TrickPath425
AAA Wrap +TrickPath400
AAA-Remix +TrickPath500
AAAA +TrickPath350
AAAA Remix +TrickPath500
AAAAA +TrickPath450
AAAAAA +TrickPath600
AAAAAAA +TrickPath1200
AAAAAAAA +TrickPath1500
Aboriginal Magic +TrickPath650
Advanced Core +TrickPath200
Advanced Emblem +TrickPath450
Advanced Generic Morning Trick +TrickPath750
Advanced Generic Morning Trick v2 +TrickPath1000
Alpha +TrickPath350
Amaya Twist +TrickPath150
Amaya's Cute Adventure +TrickPath250
Amaya's Cuter Adventure +TrickPath300
Amaya's Drop +TrickPath1000
Amaya's Extreme Adventure +TrickPath800
Amaya's Rise +TrickPath500
Amaya's Twist Rise +TrickPath250
Amazing Mazior +TrickPath750
Anna Strafe +TrickPath400
Anti-Australian +TrickPath625
Anti-Belgian +TrickPath1000
Anti-British +TrickPath2000
Anti-Buubl +TrickPath600
Anti-Chinese +TrickPath600
Anti-Chinese Dubble Trubble +TrickPath1900
Anti-Chinese Go Hard +TrickPath800
Anti-Frenchies +TrickPath590
Anti-Insanity +TrickPath1337
Anti-Japanese +TrickPath350
Anti-Japanese Go Mad +TrickPath900
Anti-Japanese Remix +TrickPath350
Anti-Korean +TrickPath250
Anti-Korean Dubble Trubble +TrickPath600
Anti-Korean Go Hard +TrickPath700
Anti-Korean Go Pro +TrickPath450
Anti-Korean Remix +TrickPath250
Anti-Mongoloid +TrickPath300
Anti-Mongoloid Go Hard +TrickPath650
Anti-Mongoloid Go Mad +TrickPath880
Anti-Mongoloid Go Wild +TrickPath650
Anti-North Korean +TrickPath575
Anti-Norwegian +TrickPath500
Anti-Norwegian Remix +TrickPath300
Anti-Oztralian +TrickPath600
Anti-Ruski +TrickPath800
Anti-South Korean +TrickPath1000
Anti-Style +TrickPath495
Anti-Thai +TrickPath800
Anti-Yank +TrickPath1500
Anti-Yemen +TrickPath675
Anti-Yemen Dubble Trubble +TrickPath2900
Anti-Yemen Go Hard +TrickPath2200
Around The Burls +TrickPath300
Around The Galaxy +TrickPath75
Around The Milky Way +TrickPath400
Around The Nark +TrickPath500
Around The Twist +TrickPath500
Around The World +TrickPath50
Aruarian Dance +TrickPath250
Aruarian Freestyle +TrickPath500
Ascension +TrickPath100
Atomic +TrickPath100
Atomic Fever +TrickPath625
Atomic Walk +TrickPath500
Authenic's Jumpstyle +TrickPath500
Avenge's Gap +TrickPath350
B +TrickPath175
B-24 +TrickPath150
B-48 +TrickPath300
B-Rise +TrickPath150
B-Wrap +TrickPath500
Baby Glide +TrickPath100
Banzai +TrickPath600
Batman's Gambit +TrickPath300
BB +TrickPath375
BBB +TrickPath525
BBBB +TrickPath925
Beaver Canon +TrickPath300
Beaver Go Home +TrickPath350
Bionic +TrickPath350
Black Magic +TrickPath400
Black Rose +TrickPath250
Bog's Flight +TrickPath1100
Bog's Longjump +TrickPath500
Bog's Strafe +TrickPath1500
BOMBAH +TrickPath300
Bonerpatrol +TrickPath100
Bonerpatrol From Spawn +TrickPath200
Bonerpatrol Remix +TrickPath250
Box Strafe +TrickPath200
Bunnies Fuck Off +TrickPath450
Bunsen Burner, Nice Lil' Earner +TrickPath700
Burleigh Rise +TrickPath100
Burleigh's Retreat +TrickPath425
Burleigh's Retreat to Spawn Roof +TrickPath800
Burls +TrickPath800
Buubl Bath +TrickPath450
Buubl Bath From Spawn +TrickPath900
Buubl's Rise +TrickPath725
Buubl's Rose +TrickPath101
Buubl's Walk +TrickPath1200
Buubl's Wallride +TrickPath600
Buubs +TrickPath800
C +TrickPath300
C-Gap +TrickPath350
Canon Ball +TrickPath250
Carpiorrr +TrickPath350
Carpydos +TrickPath350
Cash +TrickPath350
Castle Spin +TrickPath50
Castle Wrap +TrickPath50
Cat House +TrickPath350
CC +TrickPath370
CCC +TrickPath450
Chaos +TrickPath125
Chuck's Rise +TrickPath250
Claud +TrickPath700
Claud Fever +TrickPath700
cLay +TrickPath320
cLay to Main +TrickPath680
cLay's Gap +TrickPath300
cLay's Rise +TrickPath225
cLay's Rise Remix +TrickPath225
Cloud's Gap +TrickPath400
Cloud's Rice +TrickPath800
Cloud's Walk +TrickPath800
Cloudnior +TrickPath350
Cloudnior Remix +TrickPath400
Cloudnior v2 +TrickPath450
Cloudnior v3 +TrickPath450
Cloudnior v4 +TrickPath1750
Cloudnior v5 +TrickPath800
Cloudy +TrickPath890
Cloudz0r +TrickPath400
Clown's Gap +TrickPath200
Clownin' Around +TrickPath200
Cloza +TrickPath475
Cock Hop +TrickPath100
Cock Hop Remix +TrickPath400
Coke +TrickPath150
Color Wrap +TrickPath250
Complex Claud +TrickPath1500
Complexer Claud +TrickPath1800
Core +TrickPath100
Core 2.0 +TrickPath250
Core From Spawn +TrickPath800
Core Remix +TrickPath500
Core v2 +TrickPath150
Core's Hop +TrickPath200
Core's Retreat +TrickPath600
Core's Rise +TrickPath100
Coreception +TrickPath1500
Cthulu's Generic Rise +TrickPath100
Damn Son +TrickPath675
Damnnn Son +TrickPath950
Dandan has a hardon +TrickPath500
Dark +TrickPath200
DD +TrickPath175
DDD +TrickPath275
DDDD +TrickPath375
Dead Rose +TrickPath155
Deadline +TrickPath725
Deadline v2 +TrickPath525
Dementia +TrickPath200
Departure Rise +TrickPath800
Descension +TrickPath500
Diet Coke +TrickPath300
Diet Pepsi +TrickPath500
Dignity Rise +TrickPath300
Dignity Rise v2 +TrickPath300
Dirty +TrickPath400
Divide +TrickPath25
Dizzy Boner +TrickPath375
Dizzy Rose +TrickPath400
Don Buckler +TrickPath350
Double AAA +TrickPath650
Double Aboriginal Magic +TrickPath1000
Double Atomic +TrickPath400
Double Castle Wrap +TrickPath250
Double Claud +TrickPath1000
Double Core +TrickPath1000
Double Denway +TrickPath300
Double Drop-Down +TrickPath700
Double Dubble Trubble +TrickPath2000
Double Eight's Rage +TrickPath700
Double Fresh Scoobi +TrickPath595
Double Furry +TrickPath500
Double Generic Cancer Trick +TrickPath1200
Double Generic Morning Trick +TrickPath800
Double Hard Ascension +TrickPath375
Double Hard Core +TrickPath600
Double Nord +TrickPath400
Double Normark +TrickPath900
Double Nova Rise +TrickPath1000
Double Reaper's Hop +TrickPath375
Double Reverse T-Hop +TrickPath550
Double Rise +TrickPath800
Double Scooter +TrickPath600
Double Skilor's Rise +TrickPath300
Double Speedcore's Gap Remix +TrickPath750
Double T-hop +TrickPath150
Double Treeway +TrickPath400
Down-Fall +TrickPath400
Dr. Bust +TrickPath325
Dreamy Cloud +TrickPath895
Drop-Down +TrickPath300
Droplet +TrickPath250
Droplets +TrickPath375
Dubble Buubl +TrickPath850
Dubble Core Trubble +TrickPath850
Dubble Down Trubble +TrickPath500
Dubble Hard Core Trubble +TrickPath1200
Dubble Hard Trubble +TrickPath1700
Dubble Rumble +TrickPath800
Dubble Trubble +TrickPath700
Duck Butt +TrickPath200
Duek Buust +TrickPath450
Duek Straef +TrickPath100
Duek Wrop +TrickPath800
Duke Hop +TrickPath250
Duke Return +TrickPath410
Duke The Bender +TrickPath500
Duke's Highjump +TrickPath300
Duke's Longjump +TrickPath500
Duke's Nuke +TrickPath150
Dumb Strafe +TrickPath400
Dumbell +TrickPath200
Dumbell Remix +TrickPath500
Easy Bonerpatrol Remix +TrickPath100
Easy Divide +TrickPath50
Easy Dizzy Boner +TrickPath175
Easy Drop-Down +TrickPath150
Easy Jump +TrickPath50
Easy LinK's Rise +TrickPath250
Easy Magic +TrickPath150
Easy Magic Remix +TrickPath150
Easy niyhM's Suprise +TrickPath300
Easy Rise +TrickPath150
Edd's Gap +TrickPath50
Eight +TrickPath500
Eight Ball +TrickPath400
Eight Foot Drop +TrickPath350
Eight's Mindfuck +TrickPath1000
Eight's Rage +TrickPath350
Eight's Rage-Quit +TrickPath750
Eight's Walk +TrickPath350
Elias's Rise +TrickPath375
Elite Avenge's Gap +TrickPath750
Elite Claud +TrickPath500
Elite Claud 2.0 +TrickPath1500
Elite Divide +TrickPath1000
Elite Generic Morning Trick +TrickPath750
Elite Ichhaueuch's Trick +TrickPath850
Elite Junz0r +TrickPath1300
Elite Konfix +TrickPath1100
Elite Slantin' +TrickPath1560
Elite Tight +TrickPath950
Emblem +TrickPath290
Encore +TrickPath800
Evil Magic +TrickPath2400
Exported Flies Higher +TrickPath720
Exported Fly High670
Exported's Departure +TrickPath520
Extreme Ascension +TrickPath800
Extreme Kamikaze +TrickPath600
Extreme Panda Attack Remix +TrickPath750
Exy's Longjump +TrickPath50
Facile A Difficile +TrickPath400
Facile Rise +TrickPath300
Fall-Off +TrickPath300
Fear No Pirate +TrickPath600
Fear's Obliteration +TrickPath300
Fear's Rampage +TrickPath300
Fear's Rampage Remix +TrickPath325
Fear's Retreat +TrickPath425
Fear's Retreat to Spawn Roof +TrickPath800
Feikatron6000 +TrickPath500
Fish Flip +TrickPath400
Fishion +TrickPath1000
Fishion Fuck Off +TrickPath1500
Fission's Step-Up +TrickPath300
Fjord +TrickPath1500
Flac is Bisexual +TrickPath100
Flacid Panda +TrickPath400
Flacster Move +TrickPath250
Flawless +TrickPath500
FlexXx's Walk-Up +TrickPath100
Flick Core +TrickPath750
Flick For Buubl +TrickPath420
Flick Konfix +TrickPath900
Flickin' +TrickPath740
Fliq +TrickPath800
Fliq v2 +TrickPath750
Flumpf +TrickPath450
Flying Mazor +TrickPath675
Fresh +TrickPath575
Fresh As Mint +TrickPath725
Fresh C0R3750
Fresh Pieds +TrickPath400
Fresh Scoobi +TrickPath395
Fresh Scoobi Rise +TrickPath600
Funk That +TrickPath350
Funky Claud +TrickPath700
Furious +TrickPath1500
Furries +TrickPath400
Furry +TrickPath200
Furry Rise +TrickPath600
Furry v2 +TrickPath275
Furry v3 +TrickPath400
Gangnam Style +TrickPath800
Generic Cancer Trick +TrickPath710
Generic Morning Trick +TrickPath500
Generic Morning Trick Remix +TrickPath600
Generic Morning Trick v3 +TrickPath590
Generic Nightmare Trick +TrickPath500
Giant Panda Attack +TrickPath750
Gingerbread +TrickPath400
Glading Blade +TrickPath250
Glide +TrickPath300
Go Gavin Go +TrickPath500
Grass Divide +TrickPath50
Green Rose +TrickPath600
Green Tea +TrickPath350
Green's Rise +TrickPath300
Green's Step-Up +TrickPath500
Green's Touchdown +TrickPath300
Grey Poupon +TrickPath1400
Hail Duke'Aye +TrickPath550
Hail Insane +TrickPath1000
Hail Liquid +TrickPath475
Hail Lucifer +TrickPath600
Hail Pitbull +TrickPath500
Hail Sanity +TrickPath3000
Hail Satan +TrickPath250
Hard Anti-Yank +TrickPath1850
Hard Around The Twist +TrickPath750
Hard Ascension +TrickPath150
Hard Atomic +TrickPath200
Hard Black Rose +TrickPath800
Hard Carpiorrr +TrickPath500
Hard Chaos +TrickPath495
Hard cLay's Gap +TrickPath650
Hard Cloud's Gap +TrickPath500
Hard Cloud's Walk +TrickPath1200
Hard Cloudz0r +TrickPath800
Hard Cloza +TrickPath925
Hard Core +TrickPath200
Hard Core 2.0 +TrickPath500
Hard Core Remix +TrickPath750
Hard Dead Rose +TrickPath470
Hard Dignity Rise +TrickPath500
Hard Dizzy Boner +TrickPath395
Hard Duke Walk +TrickPath1200
Hard Eight's Walk +TrickPath950
Hard Facile Rise +TrickPath400
Hard Fever +TrickPath1200
Hard FlexXx's Walk up +TrickPath625
Hard Furry v2 +TrickPath325
Hard Generic Cancer Trick +TrickPath1000
Hard Generic Nightmare Trick +TrickPath575
Hard Glide +TrickPath500
Hard Green Tea +TrickPath450
Hard Green's Rise +TrickPath700
Hard Green's Touchdown +TrickPath500
Hard Hail Insane +TrickPath1750
Hard Heaven Rise +TrickPath800
Hard Insane Twist +TrickPath1100
Hard Intense Comeback +TrickPath450
Hard J-Core +TrickPath785
Hard Junior's Rise +TrickPath500
Hard Junz0r +TrickPath500
Hard Juzumba +TrickPath650
Hard Juzumba From Spawn +TrickPath900
Hard Khalifa Jump +TrickPath500
Hard Khalifa's Trick +TrickPath350
Hard Killin Time +TrickPath1000
Hard Konfix is Bisexual +TrickPath500
Hard Kross's Gap +TrickPath500
Hard Leiz0r +TrickPath670
Hard LinK's Rise +TrickPath650
Hard Luna's Dreamy Flight +TrickPath1500
Hard Mazing Style +TrickPath1500
Hard Mc Twist +TrickPath450
Hard Moonrise +TrickPath100
Hard Mumbo Jumbo +TrickPath500
Hard Nord +TrickPath500
Hard Normark Rise +TrickPath300
Hard Nova Rise +TrickPath800
Hard Nuclear +TrickPath640
Hard Omega's Step up +TrickPath275
Hard Oza's Walk +TrickPath2500
Hard Panda Attack Remix +TrickPath550
Hard Passive +TrickPath500
Hard Pill Magic +TrickPath2800
Hard Pro_Ster +TrickPath100
Hard Purple Rose +TrickPath500
Hard Razumba +TrickPath495
Hard Razumba From Spawn +TrickPath1200
Hard Reverse T-Hop +TrickPath700
Hard Rise +TrickPath300
Hard Rise & Fall +TrickPath700
Hard Risin' Clown +TrickPath500
Hard RND +TrickPath500
Hard RND's Great Adventure +TrickPath650
Hard Roof Core +TrickPath600
Hard Ryuko's King Rise +TrickPath800
Hard Sanya's Retreat +TrickPath1000
Hard Shelter +TrickPath950
Hard Shotgun Rise +TrickPath600
Hard Skrise +TrickPath1000
Hard Skrise Remix +TrickPath850
Hard Skrise Style +TrickPath1500
Hard Skyline's Walk +TrickPath900
Hard Slantin' +TrickPath400
Hard Slantin' Master +TrickPath670
Hard Sunrise +TrickPath500
Hard Tight +TrickPath785
Hard Titan +TrickPath475
Hard Touchdown +TrickPath300
Hard Touchdown 2.0 +TrickPath500
Hard Triple Normark +TrickPath3200
Hard Vortex +TrickPath2200
Hard Wall Divide +TrickPath550
Hard White Rose +TrickPath675
Hard Yellow Rose +TrickPath495
Hardened V cLay +TrickPath1000
Harder Passive +TrickPath500
Harder Yellow Rose +TrickPath600
Heaven Rise +TrickPath200
Heaven Rise Remix +TrickPath225
hEEERO Slant +TrickPath565
Helios +TrickPath250
Hell Wrap +TrickPath650
Hermit Fuck Off +TrickPath350
Hi Chronic +TrickPath100
Hidden Divide +TrickPath100
Hold Tight +TrickPath400
Holy Slantin' +TrickPath2700
Horizon +TrickPath200
Horse Hop +TrickPath25
Hotshot +TrickPath490
House Hop Remix +TrickPath200
Hurricane +TrickPath250
Hustler +TrickPath500
I Fly +TrickPath300
I think I'm turning Japanese +TrickPath600
Ichhaueuch's Trick +TrickPath400
iEx's Gap +TrickPath200
illez Hop +TrickPath150
illez Hop Remix +TrickPath150
Imperial's Rise +TrickPath150
Insane in the Membrane +TrickPath200
Insane Rooftops +TrickPath250
Insane Twist +TrickPath690
Insane Twister +TrickPath780
Insane's Gap +TrickPath800
Insane's Remix +TrickPath350
Insane's Remix 2.0 +TrickPath500
Intense Comeback +TrickPath300
Intense's Rise +TrickPath400
Inverted Normark +TrickPath600
J's on my Feet +TrickPath800
J-Core +TrickPath550
J-Wrap +TrickPath100
J-Wrap 2.0 +TrickPath200
Jewie +TrickPath400
Jewie from 2nd +TrickPath600
JMatta +TrickPath350
Jordan Benches Smurf +TrickPath700
Jordan Flies His Kite +TrickPath700
Journey Upstream +TrickPath300
JS Castle Slant +TrickPath25
JS Grass Slant +TrickPath25
JS Slant +TrickPath75
Julia +TrickPath575
Jump Wrap +TrickPath100
Jumping Korean +TrickPath1000
Jun Slant +TrickPath400
Jungle Fever +TrickPath600
Juni Flick +TrickPath300
Juni Glide +TrickPath375
Junior Wrap +TrickPath500
Junior's Megawave +TrickPath800
Junior's Merry go around +TrickPath600
Junior's Rise +TrickPath250
Junior's Walk Up +TrickPath450
Juniwhore +TrickPath500
Junz0r +TrickPath250
Juzumba +TrickPath450
Juzumba From Spawn +TrickPath600
Kamikaze +TrickPath300
Kap Goulding +TrickPath500
Kap is fapping superhard +TrickPath400
Kap will fap +TrickPath200
Kap will fap Remix +TrickPath500
Khalifa +TrickPath350
Khalifa Jump +TrickPath300
Khalifa The Man +TrickPath275
Khalifa the Monster +TrickPath400
Khalifa's Trick +TrickPath400
Killin Machine +TrickPath600
Killin Time +TrickPath400
Killin' It +TrickPath850
Killin' It Remix +TrickPath925
Killin' It Remixed +TrickPath900
Killin' Spree +TrickPath600
Kira's Bite +TrickPath325
Kiwi Fruit +TrickPath400
Kiwilicious +TrickPath200
KOAN +TrickPath350
Konfix is Bisexual +TrickPath100
Konfix is Bisexual From Spawn +TrickPath1500
Konfix is Homosexual +TrickPath150
Konfix is Mindfuck +TrickPath1200
Kross's Gap +TrickPath250
Kross's Rise +TrickPath250
Kross's Rise Remix +TrickPath150
La Distance +TrickPath670
Ladder Rise +TrickPath100
Lam +TrickPath250
Leesriize Gap +TrickPath500
Leesriize Gap Remix +TrickPath600
Lei's Rise +TrickPath370
Leinsane +TrickPath1320
Leiz0r +TrickPath415
Length's Rise +TrickPath350
Light +TrickPath200
Lightning v2 +TrickPath400
Lil' Hustler +TrickPath275
Lines in the sky +TrickPath200
LinK's Rise +TrickPath400
Liquid's Gap +TrickPath475
Longshot +TrickPath150
Loop De Loop & Pull +TrickPath200
Luna +TrickPath325
Luna's Dreamy Flight +TrickPath725
Luna's Flight +TrickPath295
Luna's Flight 2.0 +TrickPath455
Luna's Leetreat +TrickPath350
Luna's Step up +TrickPath400
Lunatic +TrickPath625
Luniest +TrickPath700
Lunior +TrickPath500
Mac n' Cheese +TrickPath200
Mac n' Cheese With Bacon +TrickPath250
Mac's Nightmare +TrickPath250
Macgregor's Hippidy Hop +TrickPath100
Macgregor's Hippidy Hop Remix +TrickPath200
Macgregor's Hoppidy Hop +TrickPath150
Macgregor's Hoppidy Hop Remix +TrickPath400
Magic +TrickPath300
Magic Elixir +TrickPath575
Magic Trick +TrickPath1500
Magicarpy +TrickPath200
Main Wrap +TrickPath25
Main Wrap Remix +TrickPath50
Massive Panda Attack +TrickPath500
Master Twist +TrickPath1575
Masterful Claud +TrickPath2200
Masterful FlexXx's Walk Up +TrickPath1700
Masterful JStyle +TrickPath1750
Masterful Magic +TrickPath1500
Masterful Slantin' +TrickPath1790
Mau5i +TrickPath250
Maushole +TrickPath250
Mazing Flies Highest +TrickPath900
Mazing Style +TrickPath1100
Mazing's Highjump +TrickPath320
Mazing's Short Adventure +TrickPath300
Mc Twist +TrickPath400
Medi Jump +TrickPath150
Mega Hop +TrickPath450
Mega Strafe +TrickPath300
Mega Wrap +TrickPath400
Megarise +TrickPath500
Mera Booplesnoots +TrickPath1500
Mix-Up +TrickPath325
Money +TrickPath700
Monkey Attack +TrickPath400
Monkeyman +TrickPath450
Moonrise +TrickPath50
Moonrise v2 +TrickPath175
More Swag +TrickPath225
Morning Gap +TrickPath810
Morning Rise +TrickPath400
Morning Rise is Easy +TrickPath250
Morninsane +TrickPath1000
Morninsaner +TrickPath2000
Morninsanest +TrickPath2500
Mountain Gap +TrickPath900
Mumbo Jumbo +TrickPath300
Neka's Walk +TrickPath500
Nightmare +TrickPath500
Nightmare Step +TrickPath450
Nightmare Strafe +TrickPath200
Nightmare v1.5 +TrickPath600
Nightrise +TrickPath50
Nitro Dive +TrickPath600
Nitro Jump +TrickPath300
niyhM's Suprise +TrickPath350
Nord +TrickPath375
Normark Rise +TrickPath200
Nostalgia +TrickPath50
Nostalgia Go Hard +TrickPath200
Nova Rise +TrickPath100
Nuclear +TrickPath420
Omega +TrickPath100
Omega's Step up +TrickPath100
Ooh Kill Em' +TrickPath750
Ooohhh Kill Em' +TrickPath1000
Orange Peel +TrickPath250
Otaku's Ninja Hop +TrickPath100
Otaku's Ninja Slant +TrickPath50
Outta House +TrickPath25
Over The Horizon +TrickPath400
Oza is Bisexual +TrickPath600
Oza's Copter +TrickPath250
Oza's Rise +TrickPath400
Oza's Walk +TrickPath1000
Oza's Walk Remix +TrickPath800
pAAAAAnda +TrickPath450
Panda Attack +TrickPath350
Panda Attack Remix +TrickPath400
Panda Wrap +TrickPath500
Pandamonium +TrickPath700
Pandub +TrickPath300
Paradox +TrickPath400
Passive +TrickPath350
Passive Goes High +TrickPath350
Passive's Rise +TrickPath400
Passively Aggressive +TrickPath325
Peewagon +TrickPath150
Pepsi +TrickPath250
Pilko Pump-Pants +TrickPath600
Pill Magic +TrickPath850
Pills Here +TrickPath450
Pirate +TrickPath1000
Pitbull is fapping hard +TrickPath600
Pitbull is Fapping Superhard +TrickPath800
Pitbull will fap +TrickPath350
Pitbull's Double Tap +TrickPath500
Pop Rocks +TrickPath340
Poppin Kap +TrickPath450
Portal Junkie +TrickPath1600
Portal Sket +TrickPath500
Prebstrafe +TrickPath25
Prebstrafe Fuck Off +TrickPath500
Prebstrafe Remix +TrickPath50
Pro Amaya's Cute Adventure +TrickPath350
Pro Amaya's Cuter Adventure +TrickPath600
Pro Ascension +TrickPath645
Pro Avenge's Gap +TrickPath500
Pro Core +TrickPath1000
Pro Core 2.0 +TrickPath750
Pro FlexXx's Walk Up +TrickPath425
Pro Hard Nova Rise +TrickPath1000
Pro Heaven Rise +TrickPath350
Pro Ichhaueuch's Trick +TrickPath550
Pro Konfix is Bisexual +TrickPath800
Pro Main Wrap +TrickPath125
Pro Mc Twist +TrickPath600
Pro Moonrise +TrickPath150
Pro Nova Rise +TrickPath400
Pro Panda Attack +TrickPath500
Pro Pro_Ster +TrickPath200
Pro Reversed Main Wrap +TrickPath275
Pro Rivy's Rise +TrickPath425
Pro Roof Rise +TrickPath400
Pro Tom's Gap +TrickPath350
Pro_Ster +TrickPath50
Purple Rose +TrickPath275
Q-8000 +TrickPath300
Rage +TrickPath250
Raptor Walk +TrickPath1000
Rautavaari's Gap +TrickPath500
Rautavaari's Rampage +TrickPath750
Rautavaari's Rise +TrickPath485
Razombie +TrickPath250
Razumba +TrickPath350
Razumba From Spawn +TrickPath700
Reaper Get Higher +TrickPath150
Reaper's Danger Wank +TrickPath700
Reaper's Hops +TrickPath225
Reaper's Relapse +TrickPath616
Red Rose +TrickPath125
Reverse T-Hop +TrickPath250
Reversed B-24 +TrickPath350
Reversed Main Wrap +TrickPath50
Rise & Fall +TrickPath450
Risin' Clown +TrickPath200
Rising To Heaven +TrickPath800
Rising Up +TrickPath450
Rivy's Rise +TrickPath250
RND +TrickPath300
RND Jump +TrickPath300
RND Popfly +TrickPath300
RND's Great Adventure +TrickPath500
Rock Hard Panda +TrickPath1000
Rocket Jump +TrickPath660
Roo-Boost +TrickPath450
Roof Core +TrickPath300
Roof Gap +TrickPath200
Roof Gap Go Hard +TrickPath400
Roof Gap Remix +TrickPath300
Roof Rise +TrickPath400
Rooftops +TrickPath25
Rose +TrickPath100
Rose is Mindfuck +TrickPath900
Rose's Dreamland +TrickPath890
Rose's Nightmare +TrickPath350
Rose's Wonderland +TrickPath250
Rox's Nightmare +TrickPath150
Ruthless +TrickPath600
Ryuko's Glide +TrickPath500
Ryuko's King Rise +TrickPath500
S-Rise +TrickPath400
Sanity Step +TrickPath2800
Sanya's Retreat +TrickPath900
Satan Double Tap +TrickPath1570
Sauce Dat Kiko Rise +TrickPath300
Schitzo Gap +TrickPath250
Scooter +TrickPath200
Selene +TrickPath500
Shadow Gap +TrickPath600
Shadow Step Up +TrickPath560
Shadow Step Up Remix +TrickPath600
Shaolei Temple +TrickPath650
Shelter +TrickPath400
Shotgun Rise +TrickPath150
Shotgun Rise Remix +TrickPath400
Show-Off +TrickPath50
Shrimp Taco +TrickPath500
Sic's Rise +TrickPath700
Sil's Leap +TrickPath450
Silly Glide +TrickPath375
Silly Jump From Strafe +TrickPath100
Silly Jump v2 +TrickPath150
Skilor's Rise +TrickPath150
Skrise +TrickPath450
Skrise Style +TrickPath1000
Skyline +TrickPath800
Skyline The Gliding Survivor Man +TrickPath800
Skyline's Gap +TrickPath300
Skyline's Glide +TrickPath490
Skyline's Rise +TrickPath300
Skyline's Take Off +TrickPath800
Skyline's Walk +TrickPath300
Slant Gap +TrickPath225
Slantin' +TrickPath200
Slantin' 2.0 +TrickPath600
Slantin' Go Hard +TrickPath1250
Slantin' Master +TrickPath520
Slip N Slide +TrickPath400
Sloshed +TrickPath500
Smoking Blade +TrickPath150
Sonic's Rise +TrickPath150
Spawn Jump +TrickPath100
Spawn Slant +TrickPath150
Spawn Walk +TrickPath900
Speedcore's Gap Remix +TrickPath250
Speedcore's Remix 2.0 +TrickPath300
Speedcore's Remixception +TrickPath400
Speedcores's Gap +TrickPath400
SS Gap +TrickPath650
SS Wrap +TrickPath1000
Stairs Divide +TrickPath50
Step-Down +TrickPath450
Step-Down For Pros +TrickPath600
Stick It +TrickPath75
Stick Up! +TrickPath250
Stinky Junior +TrickPath400
Strafe +TrickPath125
Strafe v2 +TrickPath50
Super Fever +TrickPath200
Super Fever 2.0 +TrickPath300
Super Hop +TrickPath350
Super Silly Jump +TrickPath200
Super Strafe +TrickPath600
Super-Hard Eight's Walk +TrickPath1200
Super-Hard Skrise +TrickPath1500
Super-Hard Skrise Remix +TrickPath1350
Super-Hard Slantin' +TrickPath1000
Superior +TrickPath400
Surf and Turf! +TrickPath500
Swag +TrickPath250
Swagga +TrickPath400
Swing-Around +TrickPath400
Switch is a Cool Guy +TrickPath200
Switch is a Very Cool Guy +TrickPath200
Sync Flies His Kite +TrickPath800
T-Gap +TrickPath400
T-hop +TrickPath100
T-spin +TrickPath150
The Adventures of Mr Fox +TrickPath400
The Albtraum Hop +TrickPath150
The Albtraum Remix +TrickPath175
The Baemark +TrickPath800
The Big Twist +TrickPath500
The Bigger Twist +TrickPath675
The Biggest Twist +TrickPath850
The Blazin +TrickPath300
The Britway +TrickPath500
The Bust +TrickPath200
The Dandan +TrickPath200
The Denslant +TrickPath500
The Denway +TrickPath200
The Denway Remix +TrickPath300
The Discovery +TrickPath100
The Duke +TrickPath450
The Duke Walk +TrickPath2800
The Essence of Death +TrickPath550
The Essence of Hate +TrickPath650
The Essence of Life +TrickPath200
The Essence of Love +TrickPath300
The Finmark +TrickPath2200
The First Duek +TrickPath123
The Hard Duke +TrickPath740
The Harder Duke +TrickPath920
The Journey +TrickPath675
The Leiway +TrickPath450
The Norkapp +TrickPath1275
The Normark +TrickPath800
The Normark 8.0 +TrickPath650
The Normark 8.5 +TrickPath1250
The Normark Remix +TrickPath900
The Pursuit of Surf +TrickPath444
The Rise of Ruthless "Rattlesnake" Ruddiger's Revenge +TrickPath500
The Sunrise +TrickPath100
The Sunrise Remix +TrickPath250
The Sunrise Remix 2.0 +TrickPath500
The Switchline +TrickPath350
The Tinier Denway +TrickPath300
The Tiny Denway +TrickPath400
The Tiny Normark +TrickPath500
The Treemark +TrickPath875
The Treeway +TrickPath275
The Ultimate Survival +TrickPath200
The Ultimate Survival v2 +TrickPath100
The Ultimate Survival v3 +TrickPath50
Thunder Wrap +TrickPath575
Tiger House +TrickPath500
Tight +TrickPath600
Time's Touchdown +TrickPath900
Titan +TrickPath250
Tom's Gap +TrickPath150
Tom's Gap Remix +TrickPath175
Topias Rise +TrickPath250
Tornado +TrickPath600
Touchdown +TrickPath300
Touchdown 2.0 +TrickPath350
Touchdown 3.0 +TrickPath600
Touchdown Remix +TrickPath450
Trance's Gap +TrickPath350
Trance's Retreat +TrickPath700
Trance's Rise +TrickPath400
Trancelicious +TrickPath200
Tree Fucker +TrickPath350
Tree Hop +TrickPath100
Tree Hugger +TrickPath25
Tree Rise +TrickPath225
Tree Water Maintainer +TrickPath666
Triphekta +TrickPath750
Triple Atomic +TrickPath650
Triple Denway +TrickPath500
Triple Fresh Scoobi +TrickPath595
Triple Furry +TrickPath700
Triple Generic Morning Trick +TrickPath1000
Triple Normark +TrickPath1100
Triple Reverse T-Hop +TrickPath800
Triple Scooter +TrickPath820
Triple T-hop +TrickPath800
Triple Treeway +TrickPath550
Trofle Is Boss +TrickPath1500
Trofle Rise +TrickPath800
Tropical +TrickPath450
Tropicana +TrickPath300
Turn and Burn +TrickPath300
Twist Konfix +TrickPath700
Ultimate Survivor Man +TrickPath666
Ultimate Titan +TrickPath1200
Ultra hop +TrickPath500
Ultra Killin' It +TrickPath1250
Ultra Strafe +TrickPath1000
Unholy Portal +TrickPath1500
V Bonerpatrol +TrickPath555
V Buubl +TrickPath500
V Chaos +TrickPath395
V Chaos 2.0 +TrickPath560
V cLay +TrickPath490
V Core +TrickPath600
V Divide +TrickPath350
V Edd's Gap +TrickPath150
V Frais +TrickPath300
V Hail Satan +TrickPath1500
V Hard Main Wrap +TrickPath100
V House Hop +TrickPath50
V JMatta +TrickPath400
V Khalifa +TrickPath400
V Main Wrap +TrickPath75
V Rapha +TrickPath600
V Rize +TrickPath200
V Roof Gap +TrickPath400
V Rooftops +TrickPath100
V Rooftops 2.0 +TrickPath200
V Show-Off +TrickPath100
V Slant' +TrickPath670
v3n0ms Lowrida +TrickPath150
Virgin Glide +TrickPath300
Virgin Hop +TrickPath250
Viva Laz Vegaz +TrickPath100
Vortex +TrickPath1800
Waave is Lord +TrickPath200
Waave's Hop +TrickPath300
Wagon Wheel +TrickPath250
Walk-up +TrickPath180
Wall Divide +TrickPath350
Wapakalypse +TrickPath400
Wapakalypsian +TrickPath600
Wat A Gud +TrickPath175
Water Divide +TrickPath69
Water Gap +TrickPath200
Water Splash +TrickPath150
Watermelon +TrickPath400
We Love You Japan PTAD +TrickPath300
White Magic +TrickPath400
White Rose +TrickPath150
Wicked +TrickPath400
Wicked Hard +TrickPath640
Wicked Pro +TrickPath1250
Wise Normark +TrickPath2800
Wise Oza's Walk +TrickPath2000
Wombo Combo +TrickPath250
Woo-Boost +TrickPath300
Woo-Boostin +TrickPath500
Woo-Buubl +TrickPath300
Wrathful Claud +TrickPath1200
Wrecked +TrickPath1250
X3 +TrickPath300
X4 +TrickPath400
X5 +TrickPath500
Yeahhh Buddy +TrickPath805
Yellow Rose +TrickPath250
Z is a Cool Guy +TrickPath100
Z is a Very Cool Guy +TrickPath400
Zinger's Utopia +TrickPath100
Zinx's Rize +TrickPath200
zStrafe +TrickPath175
Zymbisize +TrickPath100