Most Completed: surf_skyworld [csgo]

Thunder to pool7----
3rd under deagle to opposite awp20-10--
Puss Gap34----
2nd under deagle to pool20-6--
Rise gap6----
Awp to main155----
Exy Cracka5----
Divide Exy Rise3----
Divide Pro Exy Rise1----
Fast Skittles1----
4th through deagle to pool3----
Awpx3 over main4----
Dog Gap to sign1----
Awp to pyramid14----
Deagle to Chrome15----
4th under deagle to awp22-5--
3rd under deagle to awp3718--
Pro Heaven1----
Pharm Hop80-1--
Top to last10----
Deagle awpx2 over main3----
6th to opposite awp17-7--
Awp box hop2----
Awp to opposite Chrome1----
5th wedge to awp water5----
Sign to awp5----
Sign to awp box2----
2nd under deagle to awp box32-5--
3rd under deagle to opposite awp box7----
3rd under deagle to awp box10-2--
4th under deagle to awp box6----
5th under deagle to awp box7-1--
Under 6th to awp box5----
2nd through deagle to awp box8----
3rd through deagle to awp box4----
4th through deagle to awp box1----
Matta from strafe38-1--
Spawn slant hop291---
Awpx2 from strafe15-2--
Heaven from strafe11----
Deagle to awp from strafe48-6--
5th wedge to opposite awp box1----
Chrome Dart3----
Soko Ono411--
6th to opposite 6th50110--
3rd through deagle to awp water8----
2nd through deagle to awp water10----
4th through deagle to awp water5----
5th through deagle to awp water2----
Dog Gap to pool1----
Dog Gap to awp box1----
Razor from 2nd163---
Razor from 4th61---
Crazor from 4th3----
Deaglex3 to pool--1--
Deagle awp to deagle1----
Deagle to awp box1111346--
Under 6th to awp box from strafe1----
Sonic T1000 from strafe13----
Top to awp box6----
V Chrome4----
Awpx2 from platform bhop5----
Cracka Gap19----
2nd through deagle to 1st6----
Heaven over main1----
Pro Awp wrap1----
Awp to Chrome1----
6th to deagle hop from strafe1----
Chrome Slant5----
Pro Deagle wrap4-3--
Deagle wrap from spawn5----
Poppin a Pez5----
Pro Chrome2----
Awp through deagle to 2nd1----
Spawn climb155--
Razor from opposite last4-1--
Razor from opposite 2nd51---
Razor from opposite 3rd8----
Razor from opposite 4th1----
Razor from opposite 5th11---
Crazor from opposite 3rd2----
Crazor from opposite 5th7----
Crazor from opposite 4th1----
Spawn wall to pool from strafe3----
Double Dart Wrap1----
T1000 Go Home5-3--
Under 6th to awp water from strafe3----
Top slant2----
Sign to awp water1----
Thai Bomber9-4--
Pro Broken Gap1----
Zig Zag5----
Hard Chrome Dart2----
Under 6th to awp water5----
Under 6th to wall hop4----
V Awpx25----
V Razor from 3rd1----
V Razor from 5th1----
V Razor from 4th1----
The Scary Matta1----
Main to awp water from spawn8----
Main slant to sign2----
Pro Jihad41----
Awpx2 around main3----
Glimpse Wrap27----
Awp to main remix17----
Dog Gap Remix2----
T1000 Come Home4-1--
Awpx3 around main1----
Awp slant to awp water5----
Reverse awpx2 around main1----
Glimpse Gap3----
Sign to spawn1----
Sign to spawn wall2----
Spawn wall to pool5----
Sign to 5th1----
1st to sign2----
Awp to main slant5----
Sign to pyramid2----
2nd under deagle34-10--
The Kamikaze Hop from strafe2----
Spawn pool to main1----
Main slant to pool12----
Platform to awp29-3--
Platform to pool12910--
Platform to awp box1442--
Platform to awp water12----
Platform Slant5----
5th through deagle to awp box1----
2nd through to deagle hop2----
3rd through to deagle hop1----
4th through to deagle hop2----
2nd under deagle to awp water23-4--
3rd under deagle to awp water12----
4th under deagle to awp water7----
2nd through to deagle hop from strafe1----
Under 5th to awp water8----
2nd under deagle slant2----
Awp to Platform to awp water2----
Down Syndrome10----
2nd to spawn8----
3rd to spawn13----
4th to spawn8----
5th to spawn6----
1st to spawn16----
Pyramid to spawn7834--
2nd to spawn wall2----
3rd to spawn wall14----
4th to spawn wall4----
5th to spawn wall2----
1st to spawn wall5----
Pyramid to spawn wall106213--
Spawn wall to awp water3----
Spawn wall to awp box3----
Spawn wall slant3----
Spawn wall to awp14----
Last wedge to opposite awp1----
5th wedge to opposite awp5----
Heaven from 5th2----
Heaven from 3rd1----
Heaven from last1----
Platform to awp from strafe1----
Platform to awp water from strafe6----
Sexual's Fantasy2----
Tobe Go Home5----
Vurt Hop2--1-
Pharmacide from 3rd1----
Main slant to awp box13-3--
Main slant to awp water51-5--
Slants to awp box2----
2nd through deagle slant2----
3rd through deagle slant5----
4th through deagle slant2----
Pro Main wrap13----
Main slant to awp5823--
6th to spawn6----
Main slant to 1st27----
Main slant to 2nd2----
Main slant to 3rd3----
Main slant to 4th6----
Main slant to 5th13----
Main slant to 6th18----
Deagle slant1226--
Main slant to spawn5----
Main slant to spawn wall5----
Main slant to spawn water10----
The God Hop4----
Awp water slant to awp box1927--
Bambii Hop4----
The Kamikaze Hop--1--
1st to main slant7-6--
2nd to main slant20-11--
3rd to main slant22-5--
4th to main slant21-5--
5th to main slant39-10--
6th to main slant32-3--
Pyramid to spawn water6716--
1st to spawn water19----
2nd to spawn water9----
3rd to spawn water11----
4th to spawn water4----
5th to spawn water4----
Pro Gator3----
1st to deagle hop from strafe1-1--
Mac Hop1----
2nd through deagle to 5th14----
2nd through deagle to 6th18----
2nd through deagle to 3rd4----
2nd through deagle to 4th8----
2nd through deagle to 2nd6----
3rd through deagle to 6th3----
3rd through deagle to 5th3----
6th to spawn wall1----
6th to spawn water3----
Owned T1000 over main2-3--
Pyramid Slant11----
Raskal Wrap19-5--
Carbon Gap1----
Nifty T10008----
Main to sign from strafe51----
Furby Rise1----
Crack my pool4----
Egyptian T10001----
Ono's Wall-kabout1----
Dart Wrap1----
Tsunami to awp water4----
Cyclone to awp box6----
Mac Gap1----
Cyclone to pool10-1--
Double Jihad9----
Egyptian Sonic T10003-3--
Pool wrap from strafe1-1--
Sonic T10001731226--
Cyclone to Tobe go home1----
Cyclone to awp27-1--
Owned Sonic T1000 from strafe5----
Top to 4th10----
Top to 2nd5----
Top to 3rd8----
Awp wrap1172101-
Thunder gap5----
Stairway to Heaven6----
2nd around 1st to deagle8----
3rd around 1st to deagle3----
3rd around 1st to deagle hop1----
4th around 1st to deagle2----
Platform to 6th5----
2nd under deagle to Tobe Go Home2----
3rd under deagle to pool3----
Awp water slant to pool2-6--
5th under deagle to opposite awp6----
5th to deagle hop2----
4th to deagle hop1----
2nd to deagle hop2----
6th through deagle to awp5-1--
Deagle to Matta from strafe2----
Helmut's High Dive1----
Deagle to 3rd1581253--
Deagle to 4th1882380--
Deagle to 5th41446131--
3rd through deagle to Tobe Go Home1----
Deagle to pool18177011
Main to top59-2--
Deagle to 2nd18014104--
4th under deagle to pool2----
Ducati fuck off1----
2nd around 1st to deagle hop2----
3rd to deagle hop1----
T1000 over main28-8--
Main to sign10----
Top to 5th20-1--
Awpx2 over main16----
Main wrap372553--
Deagle wrap41817236--
Awp to deagle16----
Deagle to Tobe Go Home12----
Saran wrap3----
Pabst Hop6623--
Razor from last454---
Razor from 3rd14132--
Awpx2 through deagle10----
The Ocho3----
Dog Gap41----
2nd through deagle to awp25----
2nd under deagle to awp145126--
Thunder from last1----
3rd through deagle to awp17----
3rd through deagle to pool4----
4th through deagle to awp11----
4th under deagle to opposite awp13----
Tobe Go Home from 3rd wedge2----
Pyramid wrap to main107----
Deagle to 6th797112328--
Awp hop28----
Pool wrap3-2--
Pyramid to top118-1--
2nd to sign3----
3rd to sign8-1--
4th to sign7----
5th to sign3----
6th to sign3----
Pyramid to sign31-2--
The WOLPH1----
Sonic T1000 over main1815--
Reverse deagle wrap27-3--
1st to deagle hop1----
5th under deagle to awp2842--
T1000 Slant3-1--
Top to Chrome2----
Tsunami to Pool1----
Cyclone slant1----
Puss Gap from spawn4----
Main wrap from strafe30-1--
Reverse deagle wrap from spawn1----
Filifun Waave2--1-
Acidic T10001-2--
6th around 1st to deagle--1--
Cyclone to awp water13----
Ducati fuck off from strafe2----
Awp to opposite awp box141---
Hard Habibi5----
Hard Jihad3----
Sonic T1000 over main from strafe2----
Pyramid Go Home2----
Awp through deagle to 3rd1----
Derp gap1----
C-walk to pool4----
Hard Cracka gap10----
Main slant to last wedge12----
V Main to sign1----
Awp slant wrap3----
McAries T10001----
Furby's Step up1----
Spawn wall to mainslant4----
Pyramid wrap1074331-
Spawn to main slant2----
V Snowman gap2----
Ducati fuck off from 3rd1----
Chill Gap1----
Hamadi's Rise1----
V Sing1----
V Sing from last1----
V Sing from 5th1----
V Sing from 4th1----
V Sing from 2nd1----
Platform to 5th1----
Hart Slant2-6--
2nd under deagle to Hart Slant4----
Edward Go Home1-2--
3rd through deagle to 4th2----
3rd through deagle to 3rd1----
3rd through deagle to 2nd2----
Jihad from spawn10----
Awp over main to Chrome4----
Deagle to 2nd from spawn1----
Deagle to 3rd from spawn1----
Triple Jihad1----
3rd under deagle to Hart Slant2-1--
Pro Platform to awp1----
Pro Main to sign from strafe1----
Waave Walk18----
Bogs Remix 27----
Habibi from spawn1----
Awp to sign9----
Double Matta from strafe1----
Pitbull goes to the Pharmacy3----
Double Main to sign from strafe4----
Panda Express5-2--
Pro Exy Rise1----
Pro Awpx21----
Hard Crack my pool 2----
Double Dart gap1----
Bogroll from same side of main3----
Pro Reverse awpx2 around main1----
Pro Reverse Heaven around main1----
Deagle slant from strafe1----
Egyptian Waave Walk9----
Quadruple Jihad1----
Hard Exy Rise1----
V Skittles1----
Winter Fun3----
Double Snowman Gap4----
Easy Rise1----
V Sing to Pool1----
Easy Pyscho1----
Hard Pro Cracka Gap1----
Hard Pro Crack My Pool1----
Pro Crack My Pool1----
V Pharm Hop1----
Dart Step-Up3----
Pro Cracka Gap2----
Hard Exy Cracka2----
Pro Exy Cracka1----
Sign to awp from strafe2----
Owned T1000 over main to deagle--1--
Sonic Jihad5----
Hard Dart2----
Flogan Rise3----
Awpx3 from platform bhop Remix1----
Dart Gap14----
Matta to 5th wedge1----
Egyptian Glimpse Wrap2----
Chrome from spawn5----
Hard Exy Owned Sonic T1000 from strafe 1----
Wall-hop Step-Up to 5th from strafe1----
Reaper Go Home3----
0tecH's gap1----
Hard Waave Walk1----
Something Hard1----
2nd around 1st to 2nd deagle1----
Hard Egyptian Waave Walk2----
Pro Skittles3----
Divide Rise3----
Reaper's Walk2----
2nd through deagle to pool13----
2nd to deagle3----
3rd to deagle9----
4th to deagle24----
5th to deagle56-1--
5th through deagle to awp6-3--
6th to deagle hop2-1--
Deagle hop49----
6th to deagle25-2--
Jungle Jim7114--
Sumo gap2----
Snowman gap21852--
5th around 1st to deagle8----
Crazor from 3rd3----
Exy Leizy's Rise1----
T1000 is a Dog5----
Owned T100013-6--
Razor from 5th38211-